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The first rendez-vous

I attended a meeting this morning. It was for the job working assembling foodstuffs which are frozen and then sent out to many parts of the world - mainly Canada and America. The company was founded about a decade ago and they make little canapes, petit fours, that sort of thing. They have grown to four sites, a new admin office opened in Rennes this year. And their daily turnout is in the order of a quarter of a million products. I don't know if this is the place I might work, or an average of all four sites.

The seminar (complete with a PowerPoint presentation!) was supposed to begin at 9am. It started at 8.50 because most people were there. I would have let people in up until about 9.10 but that guy that turned up after 10, when the meeting was all but finished...?

Looking around, I think we could discount some people right away. One bloke turned up in ripped jeans and a T-shirt that looked to be years old. Another in shorts and that terrible faux-pas that is socks and sandals (worse as they were 'sports' sandals, and this bloke looked like he exercised less than me and I barely exercise at all). Then the Muslim threesome. I don't know where they are from, Turkey perhaps? They seemed a bit too ready to revert to their language. Then there's the woman that looks like the sort that would enjoy setting up confrontations between other employees. I know it is bad to judge a person you don't know, but when a person spends an hour glaring and sneering at everybody else, you figure she possibly isn't the best sort.
My final they-shouldn't-employ-them moment is the best. It's a four month contract, right? Runs sorta mid-August to mid-December, right? Up strolls this "waiting-baby". She's obviously preggie. There's no "hmmm, maybe she likes her donuts" about it. When's it due? October. Why the <expletive> are you wasting our time!?!?!? Okay, I'm real sorry you are unemployed but to apply for a four month contract when you know you'll be bailing halfway? Surely that's verging on the irresponsible?

Got a rendez-vous for a test on Monday afternoon.


オタク (o-ta-ku)

While its connotations are more negative in Japan, outside of the country of origin this is just a trendy way of saying geek.
So, yes, I'm wearing a T-shirt that says "geek" (re. 2008/07/15). Don't say you're surprised!!!


Today's word...

Today's word is arduous (ard-yew-uss); which means hard, harsh, strenuous; it is quite easy to state that the mountain stages of the Tour de France are particularly arduous!


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