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A daft little triviality

So I recorded the first stage of The Tour (as in " France") because it is our part of France. Well, not exactly, day three (tomorrow) goes through places we know, but it isn't some random place down south in the mountains.
Anyway, I recorded it into the computer and set about pulling out the 'good bits' (i.e. not endless close-ups of wheels and gears) to assemble together into what the Frenchies might call the "Best Of". All hail VirtualDub that not only made the extraction process fairly simple, but it also auto-detected all the bits by using logic on the filename of the first part (they were numbered 01.avi, 02.avi, etc). It made it all pretty easy really. I might consider using this method to cut the adverts out of Ghost Whisperer.

Once I'd done that, I needed to delete the source file. Over four hours, MPEG1-ish, it ran to some 12Gb. So I pressed the Del key, confirmed I wanted to get rid of the file, and was met with:

Too big, too big, the maiden cried...

I think we can raise two faults here:
  • An AVI file is not a folder. Why is it talking about deleting folders?
  • How come you can specify how much disc space the Recycle Bin will take, up to a maximum of 4Gb? When you're playing with video recordings, it would be nice for a recycle bin in the order of 6-8Gb, so if you delete two episodes of Doctor Who and then realise that you screwed up the XviD settings, you don't have the problem of finding the episodes were 2.1Gb and the second one supplanted the first...


Today's word...

Today's word is nowadays. It is fairly obvious what it means: it seems like everybody and their auntie is toting a knife nowadays.
I point this out because it is nowadays, not the oft seen "nowdays".


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