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My little php script goes large

My frend Mick has taken my commenting PHP script, along with the currently unused RickMail system and combined the two (plus plenty of his own code) to make a custom email form with some built-in anti-spam protection.
I'm glad to have been able to help, and I guess it is something of an accolade when something you create is taken, tweaked, and then used on another site. Nice!

Here's a picture of the final script in action. It's a full size screenshot. Scaling it made it look naff.


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opal, 8th November 2009, 20:30
Hello and congratulations - it is always great when something you have created is been used by others :) Oleh
Mick, 8th November 2009, 22:43
Yes, cheers Rick for allowing me to poach.I will add your name to the credits before it goes on-line Tuesday. Your form looked much nicer than mine :-). Looking through your php inspired me to expand it despite never playing much with php before. This is my 1st real bash at php and without wanting to seem to be sickly, I wouldn't have attempted it without your help. "sounds of throwing up start from all around :-)" Yesterday, I found another use for php since I had worked out how to use it. The menu that you see in the picture is written on all pages, well not for long. It will be "included" very soon making it easy for this lazy git here to alter it by changing one file instead of 12? Cheers mate, Mick
Rick, 11th November 2009, 00:05
Well, had I been online all these years, I would have made my software pages be built up from "included" parts. While VeroDes is a simple single page (must fix that!), other software (StrawHelp, ROView...) contains multiple pages and if I change the version number of an update in one page, I have to change them all!
I plan to script out something for that, and also the list down the side of the Econet stuff as well. That way adding a new document will mean tweaking one PHP file, not fifty-odd pages! :-)

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