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A nutter on the roads

A nearby city is Nantes. It would seem that the city is quite well endowed with traffic surveillance cameras and you, dear reader, can take a peek at them.

I left mom to wander around while I fed the cats, and upon my return she showed me that she had found a bloke walking around the middle of the road.

Upon closer viewing, he was not actually drunk. He scarpered as a police truck went by (it didn't stop) and then returned. Waiting at, or near, the light, wandering up and down...

...he would wait for the traffic to stop at the lights, in which case he'd go car to car. I don't know what for - begging or asking for a lift.
Earlier, a bloke in a Volvo-like car opened the door, thumped the guy pushing him over, then got back into the car. I'm annoyed I didn't have the window capture loaded for that one, but it leads me to suspect he is begging.
Whoever it is in the car pictured above is, unlike most, willing to give him the time of day. There's no sound, but I know French drivers. They'd all be honking until...
Note the timestamp - they give it less than thirty seconds before losing patience and going around.

Soon after the car drives, leaving him standing with his stick and his paper bag. Beware of blokes carrying paper bags. They all seem to think it hides the whiskey bottle inside, like nobody has seen that one before.

Another red light, another try...


Elsewhere in town, Nantes is famous for its tramway. It is also famous for the fact that the tramway takes priority over everything else. Every so often the paper carries pictures of some car wrecked by thinking the tram would stop. Are they even piloted by humans, or is it automated? In any case, the tram doesn't stop unless it is supposed to... or it hits something.

And then there is this girl. Either immortalised forever by a camera failure, or she's been standing there since the end of July. In any case, it's an easy case of spotting the odd one out (look, daylight!).

InfoCirculation Nantes - femme aux Rond point Raymond Poincaré, intersection bvd Anglais/Bvd Fraternité


Going back later, after looking at some of the other cameras (some of which are pretty boring at night) and after writing this, blokey has gone. Picked up? Punched out? Run over? Arrested? Got bored and went somewhere else? Who knows...

Why not send in your comments as to what happened next!

Also, if you're that girl and you should happen to read this (which, left's face it, is a one in a million shot), say hello!


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Robin, 10th April 2010, 13:52
Maybe he went to try and hail down the tram?

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