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We get the "pub". The flyers and other junk that is delivered weekly along with the post. It is a useful way of knowing of various promotions. It is also an interesting source of comic relief.

Today's pub brought the idea of trendy modern man into the realms of the takes-the-p!$$. I mean, we guys are supposed to be soft and emotional and know how to cook an aubergine... but, come on, what the hell? I said, what the hell?

Dopey things in publicity: Cooking with a baby stuck to your front...
Will baby be there while knives are used? Will baby be there while heat and vigorous stirring is undertaken? What about when smoke is emitted because he is too busy trying to piece together the recipe after hitting a serious "should have read ahead" moment? Or maybe baby is the meat course?

It is pleasing to see "ultra-mini notebooks" (I guess they have not heard of the expression "netbook"?) being more prevalent. I mean, I was never really taken with "my laptop has a 15 inch screen" and "my laptop has a 17 inch screen". It was like penis size therapy, and when your laptop is larger than a table placemat, it is time to rethink the practicality of it. This is why I'm soooooo in love with Azumi (well, she's deadly-but-cute but I meant the eeePC!). It is large enough to be useful, powerful enough to get the job done, and small enough to be damned convenient. Mom got me a cool-bag which is exactly perfectly to-the-centimetre the right size. And being small I don't have too much worry about screen/body flexing. It seemed an issue of concern on a device larger than an LP which is but a centimetre thick, but the eeePC is quite chunky for its size, so it is a sturdy little thing.

Here is a girl lying on her bed to use a small computer (she'll have a duff back if she keeps that up!). It's a page of add-ons, such as the USB harddisc mentioned. All the girls are extremely cute and look like they're either studying or about to study. The boys, on the other hand, are playing computer games. Social commentary from SystèmeU?

Dopey things in publicity: Cute girl heading for life-long back trouble

And this reminds me of a publicité from the Intermarché group a year or so back in the early Autumn ("ready to return to school" promotions). The fact being horrible abuse of the legalese notice "Suggestion de présentation" - or serving suggestion.
Here, look:

Dopey things in publicity: Suggestion of presentation - have a miniature girl sitting on your ringbinder...
I know it is saying the photo is non-contractual, but what's the sub-point? That you are supposed to find a really tiny Asian-looking girl to perch precariously on your folder?
But if you think that's nuts, check out the girl that is supposed to hold a giant drawn pencil:
Dopey things in publicity: Suggestion of presentation - tiny girl by a different name hugging a fake pencil.
Wait, hang on? She's called what now?

And there was clueless old me thinking it was Lucille and Alyssa...


When good ATMs go bad!

PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA blue screen of death on a cash machine!
[wonky picture - taken with my mobile phone and digitally fiddled to be the right 'shape']

Here's a little something to ponder. Installing security update MS10-015 (aka kb977165) released last Tuesday will create the error message PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA on computers infected with the TDSS rootkit (worrying bit of software, here's a description).
Cash machine. Evidently runs some version of Windows.
Same fault report, days after the release of the update.



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can't say, 11th September 2011, 03:44
you'd take a dump in your drawers if you knew the shit that flies with atms 
think they are secure and safe? think again

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