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b.log2 goes live

After a short time of development and testing, the b.log2 system goes live today.

It offers a more compact month-by-month calendar instead of the icky big calendar grid. Navigation is enhanced by having the calendar always present, along with "next entry" links.

Some hints:

  • If you let your mouse linger over the linked days in the calendar, a little tooltip should appear to tell you what the article is about.
    If this does not work on your browser (i.e. something other than IE/Firefox/Opera), you can click the month name to view a list of entries available for that month.
  • The little chevrons either side of the month name allow you to change to an earlier or later month. If you don't see a chevron, it means you're at the beginning or the end.
  • The highlighted day (in the calendar) is the day of the entry you are reading.
  • When leaving a comment, you no longer need to insert \p or \n - simply press Enter to leave the line breaks you desire.


Please note...

...this may not be perfect. There may still be bugs, oddities, and problematic links. The bulk of the older entries were software converted to the new style. I'll work my way through them to make sure all the image references and back-links are correct.

If you notice something that doesn't look right, please email me.


Links to old entries

All of the old entries have been replaced by redirects to the corresponding 'new' entry.
In geek terms:

These redirects will be retained for about a month (hopefully enough time for search engines to update themselves), and after that they will be deleted and return the obligatory 404s.
Please, therefore, update any links you may have either on your website or in your bookmarks.


When not to bookmark

Speaking of bookmarks - if you enter here without giving a specific date (i.e. the URL line just says /blog or /blog/index.php), then you will be automatically shown the most recent entry. You should not bookmark this as it will change when a new entry is made.
Instead, click the highlighted day in the calendar. This will cause the content to be reloaded with its correct 'address' (the ?diary=blahblah stuff), and this is a permalink which you can bookmark.

(the same goes for links into my b.log - use the permalink version so you know you're linking to the right content)


And finally...

That's it for now. I hope you like the new layout. Comments always welcome!

If you're new to my b.log2, the very first entry is here, 2008/06/21, so you can start at the beginning. ☺


Your comments:

Please note that while I check this page every so often, I am not able to control what users write; therefore I disclaim all liability for unpleasant and/or infringing and/or defamatory material. Undesired content will be removed as soon as it is noticed. By leaving a comment, you agree not to post material that is illegal or in bad taste, and you should be aware that the time and your IP address are both recorded, should it be necessary to find out who you are. Oh, and don't bother trying to inline HTML. I'm not that stupid! ☺ ADDING COMMENTS DOES NOT WORK IF READING TRANSLATED VERSIONS.
You can now follow comment additions with the comment RSS feed. This is distinct from the b.log RSS feed, so you can subscribe to one or both as you wish.

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