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Beeping in, beeping out, beeping machine...

We're supposed to take our little plastic card and beep ourselves in and out. The company finally displayed the 'rules' regarding this. Originally the additional work was counted in units of 5 minutes while exceeding your breaktime by more than a minute caused a round-up of 15 minutes. I think they recanted that pretty damn quickly as I suspect I wasn't the only person who, on seeing the clock tick over to that extra minute, would think "stuff it" and go for another ten minutes of break...
In addition to this, starting your shift early is not permissable. Any early start is rounded to the actual time of the start of your shift. This is annoying as the production girls can leave if all their work is done. It would make sense for me to begin my work, I mean, like when the place is empty. But noooo, if I start, say, half an hour early and then go home half an hour early (i.e. having done a normal shift). Guess what, I'd be docked half an hour...

On Friday the beep-in/out machine was allegedly working. I hope so as we stayed fifteen minutes late. It said, most of the time "CHECK SUM ERROR" (the only time I've ever seen "check" and "sum" as two words!), but it did respond to card swipes.
Monday, beeeeeeeeeeee.... and a blank screen.
Yesterday, "Real Time clock fail!".

Our clocking in/out machine saying 'Real Time clock fail!'

As it has not been responding to card swipes, I know we'll only get the statutory hours so no staying late if we need extra time. It is all rather comical, however, given that I did less-than-7-hours when my cow-orker was ill. He'd phone work at 9.45am. To work a 7 hour shift with people around (nobody is allowed there alone) they would need to call me for 11am. But being "in charge" people, they'd get their act together to call me about noon to start at one, and then have the audacity to whinge about me missing hours.
On the other hand, we were scheduled to be off the 29th and 30th of this month. Due to order volume this has been cancelled. I suppose I should refuse because, hey, it would be too many unaccountable hours gain. Or, wait, does this rule only work one way? ☺

I wonder what it'll say today... "Epic Fail!" perhaps?


Tyre change

As mom came to pick me up from work, she must have run over something on the road (she'd want me to point out it was gone 11pm, dark, and a road notorious for having crap dropped on it as lorries and pikey-mobiles rattle around the numerous potholes of a town that evidently can't be assed to keep its roads in a reasonable state). After describing an odd noise she heard, we went out to the car to find it at an odd angle. The rear left tyre was flat.

After much huffing and hawing, I got the thing off (tell me that was put on with a torque wrench, I won't believe you...). Changing for the spare was fairly straightforward. And, actually... that was my first tyre change. ☺ I guess I've graduated to being "a man" or something.
Though, at the price of Michelin tyres, let's have it be my last, huh?


Bye-bye winter

So I'm sitting outside. Tired. My own fault, I stayed up to nearly 7am watching animé, but nevermind. It is nice and warm. Finally. So here I am on a picnic table chair by the front door. Thanks to WiFi, connectivity isn't a problem, provided I don't stray too far.


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Rob, 17th March 2010, 21:00
Wait until you've changed an offside tyre on the hard shoulder of the M4... Not sure why, but at one point, a good few years ago, I was going through tyres at what felt like a rate of one a WEEK. I'm sure my boss thought I was selling them or something.. 

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