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Hello Japan!

I was looking for some authentic Japanese ingredients. I found a site, but it was pricey. So I saw another, something like, I think? However this appeared to be down for maintenance, or somesuch.
I Googled - "alimentation japonaise".

One of the links returned was (sats-key). I picked it because I liked the name.
Now, the €6.90 postage was not too thrilling, but looking around the prices seemed pretty reasonable and I ordered two packs of chewy sweets, a bento box, some soba noodles, plus a pack of sorta UHT-like noodles just for the hell of it.

Order placed Sunday night, big well-packed box in my letter box Wednesday morning. Bloodeeeeee hell!

The chewy sweets are apple and grape. No, no, one of each! And, they're absolutely lovely. Not tried the soba noodles, but if I order more than five packs at a time, that plus postage would work out to be cheaper than the ones I had been buying (written about back in November 2008).

The bento box. Well... it is sort of like a lunch box, but with infinitely more style. I felt that pictures and words wouldn't quite cut it, so I made a short video:

(this video is available with captioning)

Needless to say, I'll be ordering more stuff from Satsuki. Mmm, my pay comes in soon...

Anyway, look, their site is in French or Japanese, but they will post to most places in western Europe, including the UK. Have a look at the stuff on offer. To get you started, here's what I got:


Video blog #1

Was walking up the lane (i.e. trying to make myself feel better about pigging out on <cough> three packs of Twix <cough> (because I was too lazy to cook anything)). And, well, I just started speaking my normal selection of rubbish into the camera's woefully inadequate microphone. Here's the result...

(this video has not yet been captioned)


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Rob, 1st April 2010, 16:37
Youtube.. sigh ... clicked pay on the second and just got "An error occurred, please try again later".
Rick (at work), 1st April 2010, 19:49
It works now, I hope? Works here. Maybe they were undoing the TEXTp April Fool? Shame, it rocked! 
Try again with fingers crossed! :-)

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