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Earth to Livebox, come in Livebox...

Wow! What a weird one.
So, I was watching the end of Capricorn One last night and I decided to visit IMDb to look up some stuff.
Nothing. Page fetch error.
Okay, so maybe IMDb is down. I'll try The Register.
Right then, let's ping my own site.
Zip. Nada. Rien.

The Livebox is responding, I've set it up for http://livebox/ and I was able to log in. So I asked it to reconnect to the Internet. Maybe a sync fail? Boredom?
Same behaviour.
So I try the good fix. I yank the powercord and wait forever and a day for it to restart. Meanwhile I power-cycle Azumi so everything is "from fresh".
Damn, same deal.

Time to look in a little more detail. I poke around the settings - everything looks okay, until I realise, with some confusion, that I am connected via WiFi but the box is reporting there are no active WiFi connections. Say what?!?
I can, after a complete restart, do DNS. Pinging my site fails, but it does translate my site to the actual hostname, so the blocking is the Livebox itself, as a function of there being, uh, no active connections...

The next step is to quietly (for it is 4am by now) trash my room looking for that stupid bit of paper with my ADSL login password. Then I poke and hold the reset button. Totally clear out everything.

I connect with Ethernet cable for the initial setup, then switch to WiFi to authorise Azumi.

Normality restored, but everything had to be set up all over again.

There was no power surge, lightning strike, wind, firmware update, or little nefarious gerbils. Nothing happened in the real world. But from the beginning of the film (when I looked for mail) and the end, it just lost its marbles.

Dunno what caused it, but it was really really weird to connect to the box using WiFi and see "Equipment connected: Azumi - no".


Little Ms. Annoying

Maybe she's read my b.log and taken offence? There's been no call back regarding my payment since Saturday, and no missed calls logged by Orange. And as for my email asking for a clarification of what the traffic monitoring actually means was met by resounding silence... I will contact them to say that I wish to oppose the decision. They have not stated to me, in writing (or typing!) what will actually be monitored, and - sorry Oranage, this comes a little too close to "Phorm" and, well, I guess the girl did her job - she hurried me through the email and got me to click "Accept". Congratulations. Now, shall I exercise my 7 day cooling off period, or do you actually want to speak to me?

UPDATE: I have emailed to ask to be taken off of the monitoring, and if they actually kinda want my payment card info...
I also said I fully understand I cannot get "up to 20 megabit", but since my Livebox reckons it can sync to three and a half... three and a half would be nice.


French mind-bender

I was at the local CPAM session to get my medical card updated. It's a yearly thing that involves a lot of paperwork.

On the wall was a poster of a cute girl, aged about 16(ish), and the text:

Voici une fille qui aime les filles, mais cette fille qui aime les filles n'aime pas les filles qui n'aiment pas les filles qui aiment les filles.
It is an anti-discrimination message: Here is a girl who likes girls, but this girl who likes girls does not like girls who do not like girls who like girls. Or something... It's quite a complicated sentence, no?
Here is a girl who likes girls, but she doesn't like...
[the full poster can be downloaded from (PDF)]


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