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The British General Election

I've been asked why no article on the "gripping" (huh?) election, the hung parliament, and David Cameron as PM.

The reason is simple, there's nothing to report.
The only things I can think of to say are:

  • the Conservatives, without a majority, will need to rely on cross-party support which may not be forthcoming... so at least they'll have an excuse for not keeping election promises (if there's anybody left that still believes them)
  • and foolish me, I thought this was a perfect world where the guy with the most votes wins, but no, this is a world where the winner can be rendered impotent, and where the Liberal Democrats garner something like 23% percent of the vote, yet get a 9% say in matters.
So, basically, wake me up when either something genuinely interesting happens, or we have a vote system that accurately reflects the desires of the people casting their votes... well, the ones that were able to in yet another Great British Farce.


But come on, you're now being led by the blues!

Not in a hung parliament. And even if it wasn't, how true has Labour been to the founding principles of the working man's party? Look at the scandals. Look at the terrible pension and lies about rate of inflation, snouts in the trough, and Lord Mandelson. Tell me this is the party that's supposed to be there for the working man.
The tories are supposed to be a bunch of rich spoiled brats (and doesn't Cameron totally come across as one?), but it will never live up to the Thatcher years. Ever. Nobody got the balls she had, and she was a woman so what does this say about the shower of incompetent incumbents we're looking at now?

My final thought, as anybody who remembers kindergarten art will recall, is that all the colours, all the reds and blues and yellows and greens, when mixed together, make brown. A sort of shit brown. That's the colour of the British government right now. Shit brown.


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Robin, 10th May 2010, 08:36
Can't agree with you more. Just a broken system. The allocation of power doesn't represent the majority at all. Plus there were far more deserving candidates even in the minority parties than Labour(at least they still have their founding principles), but they still managed to gather 1000x more votes by insulting voters and farting in our face. There were 2, 3 at a stretch, choices we really had, and had we one party we could trust, we probably wouldn't have ended up with a hung parliament because people would have been more united against the hidden underground race of blind, morbidly-gullible and mentally-challenged British mole people that I always thought were myth, but apparently DO exist since they all voted Labour.

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