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Just add water!

Referring to my comment about "Just add water!", somebody who wishes to remain nameless sent me the following pictures, on the basis that they weren't entirely certain if I'd prefer my girls real or drawn...

Before the pictures, I would like to state that "just add water" was a jokey reference to the "instant" part; for back in the eighties you got packs of, say, cake mix that proudly proclaimed "Instant sponge cake - just add water!" for people too decrepit to manage to measure up and mix flour, sugar, butter, eggs, water, and a dash of milk. Not to mention the all-essential vanilla essence. So, then, it is fitting that it be an "instant family", just add water.

Unnamed correspondant took an entirely different interpretation. Picture one:

A dripping wet schoolgirl
The caption I have applied states "a dripping wet schoolgirl", but given this photo no doubt speaks to half a dozen of the more obscure fettishes out there, that could have alternative meanings too. Oh dear.
Besides, she's too old to be my daughter and too young to be my girlfriend/wife. At any rate, ummm... Okay.


Another dripping wet schoolgirl
Perhaps the freakiest thing here is, aside from the over-the-top cartoon-girl hairstyle, there's a girl at work who looks remarkably similar to this.

And finally... Okay, yeah, the sei-fuku is just generically "cute", but at my age (<sob!><sob!>) dating high school chicks would be kinda creepy. Anyway, here's the final picture.

A schoolgirl in a pool

How about some adults? Actually, no. Scratch that. Let's file today's entry under the tag "WTF?" and treat it as an amusingly bizarre diversion. Still, it's better than a generic "the government sucks!" whinge, no?
Okay, comments. Below. Be gentle. ☺


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....., 17th May 2010, 21:03
Oh I dunno. I could quite happily get to know those...
Rick, 18th May 2010, 02:48
What, even the drawn girl? Cute as she is, I think it'd be a bit odd in a two-dimensional world, no? ☺

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