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  • 2011/05/08 - This entry is a many-splendored thing! ARM disassembler, hangman game, Madeleine (yes, that one), real Japanese rice, pay woes and work night-hours, vide grenier, Casio KL-2000, bad continuity, animé, Steins;Gate (résumé of first five episodes) [phew!]
  • 2011/05/15 - OSD failure, vide grenier, GPS accuracy, a not-so awesome deal
  • 2011/05/24 - The most EPICest FAIL ever!
  • 2011/05/28 - Oh boy! Okay: Petrol wheeze/rip-off, a very impractical car for a country town, PlayStation 1 (PSX) and protected video, tree cutting, weirdness at Amazon, and the awesome Steins;Gate eps 6 to 8.
  • 2011/05/30 - Tax and cucumbers
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