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I filed my tax return yesterday. On-line. It wasn't complicated, just fiddly. For example, I had to go through my payslips counting up the days worked (234). Then I had to Google-map the route for a distance (12.3km, 24.6 there and back). Then I multiplied one by the other for a yearly distance (a lot) and then multiplied that by the per-kilometre exoneration.
I claim this because I would have to pay something like €80 tax, but with exhoneration for distance, I pay... Nothing. Can't argue that!
I was also, after rummaging around the options (it is complicated French, this tax stuff) able to call up the widget to put in my €10 donation. I listed the address of the recipient, and if they want proof, I've got the original ticket. Though, to be honest, I would imagine the tax people have more important things to do than chase up such itty-bitty trivia.
Still, I'm glad that's out of the way for another year.


Attack of the Killer Cucumbers!

No, it isn't a cheesy budget movie (those were tomatoes). This is real. And, looking back, I am wondering if this could have been my problem? I am not a cucumber eater, but all it would need is a slice in a pre-pack sandwich...

Either way, aren't these supposed to have been ORGANIC cucumbers? It is going to put a hell of a dent into the confidence of biologically-friendly agriculture that not only was a vegetable contaminated, but that it was contaminated internally with something better known as living inside animal's back passageways.

I mean, excuse me... we all know that the outsides of things can be easily contaminated - mouldy melons, or a carrot handled by an old codger that just scratched his ass... but to make the vegetable itself a deadly weapon? How the hell did they manage that? Those are questions people will be asking, though I have a feeling the Ick Factor will mean that we may well ask, but we won't want to know the answers!


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