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  • 2011/07/01 - Soy, rice, and sunrise
  • 2011/07/04 - Steins;Gate episodes 9 to 13, everything sounds cuter in Japanese [video]
  • 2011/07/05 - Morning walk [video], Millie's phone, string theory
  • 2011/07/11 - Where is HeyRick? TalkTalk/Tiscali - you're being followed. Using SSL with HeyRick. Rice cooker. Busy weekend - hi Mick!
  • 2011/07/17 - Mick's visit, rice maker redux, Akane the money girl, Satsuki vs the giants, LD becomes DTMF, cute cat.
  • 2011/07/21 - All Japanese look alike. Scary night skies!
  • 2011/07/25 - Phones, diallers, vide grenier, stingy chips, and mom's new computer.
  • 2011/07/29 - Hanafuda Koi-koi
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