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Millie's phone

Now I would like to see a solid serious investigation with the relevant private detectives and journos sent to prison (no stupid fines, actual jail time), plus their editor, plus the person overall in charge of the paper. No excuses like "it is inconceivable that I would know...", for if you don't know and don't take the time to be in the know, then what the hell are you doing running a newspaper?

But that's just for thinking it is acceptable to "hack" into a dead girl's mobile phone. Hack in quotes because... well... how many voicemail systems can be unlocked with 0000 or 1234? Ditto smartphones.

However, the allegation isn't just for accessing the voicemail, apparently messages were deleted. WTF? A journo thinking it is acceptable to delete messages? If this is true, the lot of 'em should burn.
I know, I know, I'm starting to sound like a Daily Fail reader, but come on, we need to draw the line somewhere. A newspaper, for whatever excuse, tampering with messages on a dead girl's phone. Sorry, slammer-time, the lot of 'em.

And no stupid-ass fines.


String theory

I'm crap at maths, but I have read the original (slightly outdated) version of "A Brief History Of Time" plus Michio Kaku's book on string theory.
This topic recently arose on an issue of the Radio Four programme with a title like "The Irreconcilable Monkey Cage".

Anyway, I'm no hard-ass scientist, but it seems to me a little bizarre that the mathematicians are attempting to unify gravity and such by... throwing more dimensions at it. I mean, what is it now? Looking good in an 11-dimensional universe?

So, I had a think about this while at work. I set my body into autopilot and enaged the grey matter to something other than remembering kana (eek!) or French conjugations (ugh!).

First up, consider a string not to be a string, but a hoop. A circle. With no specific start and end, like a Mobius strip.
Then, ask yourself how this fits into our five-dimensional universe.

Yes, I said five dimensions. The first three we all know - X, Y, and Z. Or up/down, left/right, and forward/backward. The fourth dimension is easy to explain, but a mite harder to quantify. It is time. A temporal dimension.
Consider running with a video camera. Your Z won't change much, but your X and Y will. However when we introduce time, we can lock it down to X,Y,Z at a specific point in time. A common example of this in daily action is a mobile phone doing a GPS trace.

Now comes my projected fifth dimension.


So many things are influenced by what has come before that I am wondering if "memory" is itself a form of a dimension? Memory, time, and X/Y/Z combine together to specify an exact point in the universe.

A simple aspect of when/how memory and time come together is demonstrated by MPEG video recording, where you have "key frames" which describe an entire image, followed by a series of frames that are little more than a series of "changes" from each key frame. This can then be expanded to cuckoo chicks that can find their way home on their own with no parents to guide them, and all the way to evolutionary processes. In fact, everything that happens is built upon what has come before, even entropy.
As you can see, I don't mean memory in the sense of "what I ate for dinner yesterday", but memory in a much broader sense. The sense of the influence of the past in the events of now.


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