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And then there were five

We didn't get to go to the vide grenier on Sunday. We got a little sidetracked. Here's a video:
Mom said "give it a Japanese name" and, frankly, I have no idea what sorts of things Japanese people call their cats, and names like Sakura, Akemi, Yuuuuuuuki, and Hiroko just didn't seem to fit.
So I suggested "Kegawa" which is the first word of the phrase Kegawa no yōna neko (毛皮のような猫), which means... furry cat.
Sorry, it is desperately lacking in originality. Even that seemed too large, so it was shortened to "Wawa" (ワワ - a lot simpler to write!).

To be honest, you heard the "Mew!" (in italics and with the exclamation mark) sounds. This little kitten Mew!s like that all the time, so if it doesn't watch it, it'll end up being called Mew!. Or maybe Ichigo [*].

We took it to a vet, it was given a basic checkup. Too tiny to vaccinate, but otherwise aside from being hungry and pining for its mother (it was too young to be severed), it seems okay.


We've put it in with Tiny Alice (the one from the "walking the cat" video) as it is the only cat we trust not to try to eat or kill it. We're having to spoil Tiny rotten to keep her purring. The two have not yet taken to each other. Wawa has claimed the box as her own, and Tiny sits on the bookshelf with her paws over her ears muttering "OhNoOhNoOhNoOhNoOhNoOhNo" and "what am I, Mary the second?" [**].

Still, I did see Tiny go and lick Wawa so maybe in a couple of weeks...


* - I wonder how many heads that reference passed over. ** - hint: star in the east


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joe, 8th September 2011, 04:08
In Australia they are pests, they grow to enormous sizes in the wild and they are not scared of humans, we are scared of them.
Rick, 8th September 2011, 19:26
Are you talking about cats? 
Are you feeding them genetically modified corn? Or maybe you're mixing up kittens and cane toads? ;-)
joe, 9th September 2011, 14:15
Yes, I am talking about cats, wild cats, they are huge in size, you can spot one nearly as big as lynx 
Some very smart people brought the cane tods to protect 
sugar cane, from some bugs.  
Tods don't have natural enemy so they multiply like crazy, they were brought to Queensland, now they are already in NSW and Northern Territory.
joe, 10th September 2011, 16:08
someone didn't spell check and just doubled the Australian population, by sending Tods to Queensland, 
I've meant toads, of course, I cannot blame Rick for not providing spelling check link, I have to admit, I have been living in Australia for more than 20 years and cannot spell.
mum, 14th September 2011, 19:54
This is Rick's mum, thought you'd like to know WaWa AND Tiny Alice are doing fine, in fact Tiny Alice has really taken to WaWa and is mothering her all the time now!

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