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Day sixteen

It's my birthday!

When I went outside (at about 11am), I took a 360 degree photo standing by the edge of the field.

A little later on, I went into town to do some shopping (and indulge in sweet things!) followed by a meal in McDo. They had a CBO with Green Tabasco sauce. So I tried that.

The friendly (and good) waitress (does one call McDo servers "waitress"?) did not know what the difference was between normal Tabasco and Green Tabasco, so I looked it up while waiting for the order to be made. It is green Jalapeño pepper so is milder than the red sauce. It is still pretty harsh. It took a half litre of coke to eat the burger, and a double latté and a banania (hot choc) afterwards to make my lips stop burning. It was, nonetheless, enjoyable. Actually, it reminded me of that time (back in the UK) some jerk got me a kebab and drowned it in hot sauce for a joke. Well, given that kebab meat from the back of a wagon can be pretty abysmal, the sauce actually helped make it edible. Plus, this jerk was not going to have the satisfaction of getting one up on me.

Later in the evening, I spotted a mouse in mom's bedroom. Only, it was moving fairly slowly and in open spaces which isn't like a mouse. So we brought Tiny Alice (all four-odd kilograms of her) in and the rodent squeaked in terror as Tiny walked by, sat on the bed, and started purring.
Next came Wawa. Who wasn't the slightest bit interested in the rodent (another squeak of terror). She poked around under the bed (opposite side of the room) before getting on the bed and purring.
Finally, in came the outdoor cat, Nou who can catch a mouse just by rolling over on a sunny day. He was a bit freaked being indoors so when we deposited him right in front of the rodent, it squeaked several times in terror and Nou went and hid under the chair!
In the end I trapped it in amongst a triangle of picture frames that I grabbed quickly (and noticed the long nose, it was a shrew not a mouse). Mom, getting annoyed by now, was practically throwing cats at it and all I could see was big balls of fur going in any other direction.
In the end, it was coaxed into an open space by being poked with a stick at which point I dropped a teacup over it, took it outside, and then both of us decided that we need new cats. Ones that aren't broken... Well, that was the most exciting story of the day. I guess perhaps an owl dropped it down the chimney - again. I don't know if the owls like the noise of falling things, or if they think it's a big storeroom.


Here's the Playmo opening, I posted it just after midnight. Not sure what it is supposed to be.


And here are some photos of the current "state of Play(mo!)". Angel-girl is playing a recorder.



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