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Playmobil Expo

Another year has passed, so quickly.

Yup, it is time to drive north a ways, to the Playmobil Expo in the small town of Louvigné-de-Bais. This time, I have a Samsung S7 which contains a rather nifty video editor. Therefore.....

As before, the sports hall had sellers around the outside, with exhibits in the centre. Here is a panoramic shot of the entry to the hall:

And here is a panorama of a castle scene. It would have been fun to have scrolled from one side to the other in the video, but being something like 12,000 pixels across, it was too big for the editor to be able to load (and XP's image previewer to cope with, too).

Of course, as to be expected, I left with emptier pockets but a fuller bag...

I met one of the organisers of the event, who was a lovely person. A friendly woman sorting out the €2 entrance fee said I had a nice accent, which was kind considering how English people usually mutilate the French language. And pretty much everybody, to a person, said "Are you English?" which was a little disconcerting. I think maybe next year I ought to wear a T-shirt that says "F***K BREXIT" or something.
Still, I was pleased by the fact that adults outnumbered children by an order of magnitude, so I'm not the only forty-mumble-year-old still interested in Playmobil. ☺


Stars and stuff

I went out to see if I could see any shooting stars, given the last two times were under heavy cloud cover. Unfortunately Orion is just starting to come over the horizon at midnight, so it'd be a while before much shows up. Not wanting to stay out for ages, I took some long-exposure photos instead.

First up, this:

The lower right is blocked out by trees, so I'm not sure if I'm looking SSE or NW. I set Google's Sky Map to the correct time yesterday, but didn't spot any matches. So... it's a bunch of stars. ☺

Next up:

The cluster of stars, upper right-of-centre is the Pleiades. Below, Aldebaran. Leftwards, Alnath. What you see is most of the constellation of Taurus. Orion is below, still mostly below the horizon.

Finally, this. I got a cheap (€3) torch that is an LED type powered by three AAA cells. It is insanely bright. As in, it would do eye damage looking into it. This is a long exposure lit by the torch. The foreboding is impressive.


SIBA special

I'm having a bit of a problem writing the final episode of SIBA, namely how it goes and how it flows. I always figured the ending would be a pain to write. So instead I wrote an entirely new story. So now the seven story series will now be an eight story series. ☺



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David Pilling, 23rd October 2017, 01:58
the expo video was good (quality/production values). maybe you sought out trouble in playmobil land, otherwise one wonder, witches, armies of policemen, fires.

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