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A better form

I was given a form at work today. This one, valid until the end of April, specifies in more detail my work and where I was born. I'm guessing this is perhaps intended to match up with identity papers?
The other form (the "I really have to go out, honest, officer..." one) has been extended with two additional entries. One covers the need to attend court or other legal proceedings, the other is for as directed by the forces of order. One must also now specify a date and a time.
This seems to me like a bit of loophole plugging.

Thankfully the work form says on it that this counts for going to work so I don't have to print out and fill in that form every day. I will, however, still need one if going shopping after work...


Better Spring photos

Came straight home after work, so the sun was bright and in a good place to get some photos.

Here is the big bird cherry, this used to be my cherry flowering yardstick until I get the pink cherry, but even so... there's not enough wide in widescreen to properly capture this.

Here is a close up of the flowers.

The Sakura cherry, on the other hand, has decided to sprout some leaves. Like, since yesterday.

Speaking of leaves, the Oaks are starting to unfurl a few.

The weeping willow is already quite exuberant.

And the Bramley Apple is also starting to wake up. I really ought to plant it. Mom and I were going to last year, but...

Something appears to be eating my Amaryllis. That's annoying. I don't know if it's a mouse or bird or what, but... isn't it supposed to be poisonous? I have tried to clip it up to see if it'll at least attempt to flower, but I rather doubt it.

My Bucket, on the other hand, is flowering profusely. So much so that it needed to be clipped up because it keeled over from its own weight. Oops!
As to why I call it Bucket, well, probably a joke that only the British will understand (and of you do, don't explain the joke... where's the fun in that? ☺)

And, of course, a pleasant example of one of mom's favourite flowers. The basic but pretty (and remarkably trouble free) Pansy.



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John, 25th March 2020, 20:32
Lurvely! as our friend Renee used to say!
Mick, 26th March 2020, 21:52
What does Travel between the home and the place of exercise of the professional activity mean? I see both froms can be obtained here. tere/Attestation-de-deplacement-derogatoire-et-justificatif-de-d eplacement-professionnel
David Pilling, 27th March 2020, 16:22
Enough for a hyacinth bouquet. Yep members of the amaryllis family are poisonous - daffodils, snowdrops - they contain raphides needle like crystals: s-a-gnarly-form-of-plant-defense 

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