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So I've started sneezing and I have a slightly runny nose. Some people are looking at me like "I should have bought a dozen rolls of toilet paper because I'm going to crap in my pants right now".

I pretend not to notice. I wish I had enough French to say that I've read about what COVID-19 can do, and it looks to me that when it is nasty, it is really nasty. Like your lungs spewing mucus as the immune system freaks out, leading to a need for oxygen to counter the reduced lung efficiency, and basically drowning in your own slime when that's not enough.
Believe me, I'd love to have COVID as mild as a few sneezes.

But this isn't COVID. How do I know? Easy, it's the same routine every year. Basically summed up as "here comes the Spring, here comes the pollen".

Oh joy.


Corbyn's Britain

Well, Farage’s Britain didn’t last long, did it?

Railways are being nationalised. There’s not a polluting plane in the sky. The government is paying people’s wages. When did Corbyn become Prime Minister?

Oh, he hasn’t. Yet. It just took a single bat over in China to show those obsessed with money the error of their ways.

For many years, the Tories and right wing bashed on Corbyn. Then the excrement smashed into the ventilation device at extreme velocity, and the government response was – after dithering and stupidity – to implement the sorts of things Corbyn might have thought up. In, like, three weeks.



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David Pilling, 27th March 2020, 16:29
Before we got to doomsday the Tory government had already nationalised rail in the NW. There's an interpretation of history that it does not matter who is in charge, external forces make them do the same things. Mrs Thatcher enacted cruel and mad policies so they say, but the economic woes before she got into power had made Labour embark on the same path. Sometimes the forces can be different but the outcome the same, Thatcher closed the mines, lets say out of spite, saving Tony Blair doing on grounds of saving the planet. 
Another evil Tory plan is to open the local rail line which was closed by Beeching. As we say oop North -  
Plus ça change 
J.G.Harston, 24th April 2020, 23:31
And you have to remember that there has to be a functioning economy for there to be money to pay for the NHS. It's been said that the greatest profit from the invention of the tractor was the creation of the NHS. The more of your population you have scraping food out of the ground, the fewer you have for the trappings of civilisation such as health care.

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