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  • 2021/01/03 - New Year new weather, Life after Brexit.
  • 2021/01/07 - Fun with bank security, Twelfth night, BEANS!, Soon a new tablet?, Soon a new camera?
  • 2021/01/08 - Cold! Working on Rick's Net Radio.
  • 2021/01/15 - Rick's Net Radio Revised, Oh FFS (vaccination/5G), Not going to the sales.
  • 2021/01/24 - Winter sales? Winter sunbathing. Weather sensors. Welcome to Brexit. A new (freebie) tablet - Klipad KL8889.
  • 2021/01/26 - Marte out of action.
  • 2021/01/28 - Drill.
  • 2021/01/30 - Mower deck repair, Storm Justine.
  • 2021/01/31 - How to download TS chunked videos.
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