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A productive day

Got up at six, had a tea, went back to bed until ten. Well, why not, it's a Sunday!

Actually, I was up at around half eight, watching random videos on YouTube and so on.

Then I went out and started cutting up the tree and clearing the branches. The larger pieces were cut shorter and kept.

Wood for the fire
Wood for the fire.

I don't actually have a working fire or wood burner. But when I do, I'm all set. I got two trolleyfuls from just the branches, and a possible third for the parts left uncut. You can see the truck in the background still to be cut up.

That all tidied up, it leaves just the trunk now.

The trunk still to do
The trunk still to do.

I should point out, I'm not using anything like a chainsaw. That would be too easy. Nope, it's a little hand saw, a long armed clipper, and from time to time a small battery powered saw, but that doesn't really tackle the larger branches and besides the battery doesn't last so long. It's only 1500mAh.

My tools
My tools.


Following that, I caught up on my emails (I think - mail me if I missed you!). Then some cat time.

After that, a nice warm bath and washing that mess that passes for hair. As I had a large source of hot water, once I was done, I chucked four changes of clothes in to prewash, then swished them around in soapy water, then rinsed them. The washing machine packed up a while back, so I handwash. It's simpler than sorting out a new machine and delivery and oh my god... it'll be some stupid modern piece of crap with electronics and a bearing that might last five or six years; the machine that packed up was a Zanussi mechanical thingy that was bought in the early eighties!

Now? Got to finish up here as my pizza is almost ready. Pizza and Netflix to finish up the evening.

Not a bad day, and as usual, it just sort of organically happened, none of it was planned.



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David Pilling, 15th March 2021, 22:43
Chain saws have too many safety problems even outside user error. I've found a "sabre saw" good for trees, mains electric powered reciprocating saw.
Pieter, 19th March 2021, 05:30
I have a chainsaw license. Lessons include not only practice but also theory and case studies, well worth it. No two trees are alike. I am always surprised how some people that are almost afraid to take one up at first, soon enough call it easy, think they feel mastery and forget even basic safety practices.

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