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I didn't really expect to see my Queen CDs until Tuesday, given that it was sent yesterday evening at eight o'clock. From Germany it would seem, given that the packing tape promotes the advantages of Amazon Prime in German...
It made it to Rennes just before 3am (damn!), made it to the distribution centre (also in Rennes) for quarter to eight in the morning. It was loaded on to at truck at the exact time I clocked in at work this morning, 8.58am. And finally delivered in my letterbox just before noon.
The best of Queen
The best of Queen

The story doesn't end there. I went to Amazon to see if it would say where it actually came from (given the German). I know a lot of things I order come from either Gidy or Saran ... which are more or less the same place, it's a big logistics centre near to Orléans. There was nothing mentioned. But shortly afterwards Amazon sent me a text message: Chronopost n'est pas parvenu à livrer votre colis Amazon. Une nouvelle tentative est préveu. Plus d'informations sur which when I click on the link tells me the parcel has been delivered.
I'm guessing the left hand (Chronopost) and the right hand (Amazon) aren't paying attention to each other. ☺

Mmm, they do tours of the warehouse (well, not right now because Covid...). Sadly it takes about four and a half hours to get there in a regular car (about 300km). That would take me a little under seven hours!


It's a damn interesting logo, the Queen one. Talking the form of a flamboyant royal crest (seriously, would you imagine Freddie settling for a mundane logo?), it resembles the coat of arms of the United Kingdom, with a few tweaks. At first you see the two lions rampant, the male gardant (that means they are both in a fighting posture, with the male looking towards you). This is similar to the United Kingdom coat of arms, except the unicorn on the right has been replaced by another lion.
In the centre, is a big 'Q' formed from ribbon with a female crown inside. The reasons are pretty obvious.
To the bottom, to the feet of the lions, are two angels or fairies sitting on roses (ouch!). Their purpose is explained when you realise that the creature sitting atop the Q is a crab.
Angel/fairies, a crab, and lions? Let's forget what the winged things actually are and just call them twins.
So... Twin, crab, lions? Ring any bells? Let's try Gemini, Cancer, and Leo.
This isn't quite right, Freddie Mercury is a Virgo, which is a Virgin. However she is often depicted as a sort of fairy. Why two? Well, Freddie's just that important I guess.
Finally, a Phoenix over top of everything, a rather obvious statement of immortality, especially prescient given that I have three CDs full of anthems - We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, Under Pressure (especially the Bowie version), I Want To Break Free, Who Wants To Live Forever, Barcelona, Too Much Love Will Kill You, etc.
You'll notice there's a conspicuous absence. If you failed to notice, you failed life. Try again from the beginning.



The benefit of living out in the country away from anything that doesn't have either wings or four legs is when it gets hot like today (it's just below 30°C) I can sit outside under wearing a T-shirt. And underwear of course. And.... anything else would be insufferable. It's already too hot in the bedroom. I have the window open at night for the cool air.

Strange to think that my sunflowers and, sadly, the carrots have failed because the awful Spring has led to a proliferation of slimy snails and slugs.
Stranger yet to think that only two weeks ago (maybe less), there was frost on the ground in the morning.
I'm not going to say "global warming", but I think it's safe to say "globally eff'ed up".

Either way, I feel melty like a bar of chocolate on a sunny windowsill. Last night I got up at three and finished a bottle of milk.
It wasn't until morning tea that I realised that the bottle I finished was the one I'd only just opened. So I'd had nearly a litre of milk! Guess I was thirsty...



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David Pilling, 17th June 2021, 23:26
Driving out of Blackpool in the morning, one sees a convoy of dozens of Amazon vans driving in. They've done their own distribution system, and an Amazon van comes down the avenue most days.

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