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  • 2022/06/03 - Dear Priti Patel, All the glorious Brexit Benefits, The sea is like the internet before the internet.
  • 2022/06/04 - Jubilee?, A bigger idiot, What's with the weird bold bits?
  • 2022/06/05 - Weather?, Indexing the larder.
  • 2022/06/10 - A shorter entry, One step forward, two steps back, Cooking is dangerous.
  • 2022/06/12 - Schadenfreude
  • 2022/06/16 - Rwanda, It's my UnBirthday!
  • 2022/06/18 - Heat, vide grenier-ish.
  • 2022/06/20 - Creepy little bugger, Rick's burger, Frying an egg?
  • 2022/06/21 - Summer Solstice (Litha), I need a tea, I'm not timid I'm an introvert, How to understand and care for an introvert.
  • 2022/06/25 - Is America heading for a civil war? A trip to Big Town.
  • 2022/06/26 - Rick's NetRadio v0.10, Take me to your larder, I'll see your leader later.
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