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I'm not watching. I don't care. Though I think it is funny that people started to freak out over slimy-Andrew's reintegration into things, and suddenly he won't be taking part because he has Covid.
Well, I guess it's a useful convenient excuse to get him out of the way.

At work, people are like "The Queen is so pretty" and "Wow, so much celebration". So I smile, and if anybody presses, I point out that they are witnessing a celebration for the last proper Monarch the country will ever have.

I'm glad the sun is (mostly) out for her. The last time, in 2012, was more like "Long to rain over us" with some rather unpleasant weather.

Above and beyond that, meh. Sorry, but... meh.
Maybe it's 'cos I'm Scottish? ☺


A bigger idiot

At work, the people who clean our uniforms have finally gotten fed up of the mess that the clothes hangers are left in.
So they have left these snazzy new, completely idiot-proof hanger holders. There's a shaped top, you can only put the hangers in one way.

The universe took one look at the idiot-proof holders, and accordingly spawned a bigger idiot.

Mostly correct, because it's really obvious how to use this
Mostly correct, because it's really obvious how to use this. [female changing room]

The f...? How could anybody mess this up
The f...? FAIL! How could anybody mess this up? [male changing room]


What's with the weird bold bits?

Doing the rounds right now is something called "Bionic" text. By highlighting the beginnings of words, it claims to make reading easier.
Based on a sample size of twelve people, none of whom suffered dyslexia.

In order to mock this (for I just find it annoying, there are plenty of samples on-line if you want to look), I have decided to mark up the ends of words. I call this "Lowly™®©§¿ text". With a sample size of one (two if you include my cat), it has been conclusively demonstrated and proven to provide no improvement whatsoever in reading speed.

My next experiment will be to select random letters in words and render them in white. You'll obviously read faster if you don't have so many letters to deal with, right? ☺



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P3N|S M@ST3R, 4th June 2022, 18:40
Yeah man I'm really not fussed for the jubilee stuff myself. 
As an aside, font rendering seems to be really messed up in my browser (chromium on debian linux), the text looks like random parts of words are set to bold. At first I wondered if it was intentional and there were hidden messages in the posts, haha.
P. M@st3r, 4th June 2022, 18:42
Sorry, now I've finished reading, I understand the bold spots are intentional. I thought it would be font rendering because I have had issues like that before on linux.
Rob, 4th June 2022, 20:59
I'm srue I read smohwree taht aonohter sutdy rceknoed as lnog as the frsit and lsat ltetres were crorcet you cluod mddule up the rset rset and silt raed it!
Rob, 4th June 2022, 21:01
And that was a pain to type on a phone with autocorrect!
Rick, 4th June 2022, 22:00
I noticed your comment on the previous article was attributed to "Fob". 
Do you have any idea how long it's going to take your autocorrect to learn how to spell properly once again? 😂
David Pilling, 5th June 2022, 17:31
"last proper Monarch the country will ever have", that'd be Charles the first, and we know how that ended. Probly the Queen will be the last British monarch lots of other countries have. 
They've done a fair job, 70 years is a long time, many things have changed, they've managed to glue it together. We've had celebrities acting like they live in North Korea or China and have to praise the leader. We've had a few token dissenters. 
Silver Jubilee, 25 years, seemed a more joyful occasion. Perhaps with being a shorter period. With 70 years you're being invited to celebrate the distant past, which few people will feel part of. Why should a kid of 12 feel excited about British cars in the 1950s. 
When I was a lad, long ago, I occasionally got the wrong comic, comics are made by DC Thompson in Scotland, they were full of heroic tales of young Jamie using his dirk to kill redcoats. 
Realisation slowly dawned that the redcoats are our side... 
Rick, 5th June 2022, 17:54
Be excited about an ancient British car, because it's from a day when Britain made cars. ;)
Rick, 5th June 2022, 17:55
Given the number of times The War was invoked around the whole Brexit thing, and Johnson still looking for his big Churchill Moment, I would say 70 years isn't so long really...
J.G.Harston, 6th June 2022, 18:43
In 18 minutes Johnson may be having his Lord Halifax moment.

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