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Creepy little bugger

Beside the back door, a giant cockroach thing.

Creepy crawly
Creepy crawly. For scale, that's a light switch.

There are no roaches in the house, so my guess is that it was living in the wood pile, beside the stream, or in some other weeds and debris and Saturday's extreme heat has forced it scurrying for shelter.

Thought to have developed some time in the Devonian, the roach family is widespread and varied, and it appears that humans have an innate fear of them. Moreso than spiders and mosquitos. Perhaps inherited knowledge lingering from prehistoric man. Or, maybe, prior to that. Fur and hair would probably be an ideal place in which to have a roach or two (hundred) settle down. So, proto-ape-people saw these things and screamed just as modern people are wont to do.

Me? I plucked it off the wall with a spider-catrching tool and tossed it into the neighbour's field. If you're wondering why I didn't squash it, the reason in simple. These things can leg it when they are motivated, and you need to drop a really heavy weight on them. Many years ago, back in England, I dropped a large book on one and it crawled out from underneath. I then dropped a box of five reams of A4 paper onto it. That, it did not survive. But... my god... the mess. These things are disgusting alive and disgusting dead.


Rick's burger

Since you-know-where is no longer an option, plus it's like thirty kilometres or three quarters of an hour away (double that, gotta come back), I decided this weekend to make another burger.

I had planned to do one a day for Saturday and Sunday, but Saturday was a nightmare. I had to talk myself into not tipping a bottle of Yop on my head (ugh, can you imagine?). I did take a rather nice shower with barely-heated (take the chill off) water.

One Sunday, it was pleasantly cooler. Oddly enough, whilst it briefly rained twice, there was no thunderstorm. It was previewed to be lots of thunderstorms today. Instead it went up to 27°C and is quite breezy.

Anyway, yesterday, one burger...

One hearty burger, with added broc.

The burger was comprised of a bun base (no bread this time, a proper bun!), a good squirt of Yakitori sauce (a sort of sweet gloopy soy sauce), the burger, a slice of cheese, a layer of fried egg white (I tossed the yolk, not a lover of those), two more layers of cheese, and finally the bun top.
This was served with brocolli tossed in margarine and lightly peppered.

To be honest, I don't really think that cheese and soy go together. So the one I make tonight will revert to ketchup and mayo. The soy and burger went well, but what's a burger without cheese? I can't get rid of everything, I'm already missing the lettuce (ugh, rabbit food) and the tomatoes (ugh, pips) and the fried onion (my fault, forgot to buy an onion, again).
Still, stripping it down to the basics (piece of meat, piece of cheese, piece of bread) it gives more scope for variation and experimentation if you're willing to say "screw the rules".

I'm wondering how it might turn out if I tried pancake, burger, pancake, maple syrup, pancake. Clearly this won't be a cheese recipe (else it would be in danger of ending up as some sort of failed poutine!), but... it might be epic or it might be epic fail. But it's too late to do all that sort of mucking around tonight. Maybe some weekend.


Frying an egg?

Speaking of epic fail...

David suggested that I should have let stuff heat up first. It's a fair point, but this was just sort of "I wonder if" and I went and did it. If I had put any actual thought into it, I'd have at least managed to put the camera onto a tripod so that breaking the egg wouldn't be so much fail.

Still... I proved... uh... I'm not sure what I proved, other than "here's a novel way to make a mess".



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Rob, 22nd June 2022, 00:43
Maccies breakfast range includes "Pancake and sausage" - Tiddler always has one with two sausage; these are flat burger patty like things, and assembles then in alternating layers (pancake, sausage, pancake, sausage, pancake) then cuts out wedges and dips them in syrup. I've tried it, but I prefer the buns... 

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