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Rashi Sanook

It's rather amusing watching the racist cockwombles get to grips with an Indian <cough>born in Southampton</cough> being made Prime Minister.

My first thought would be to wonder how Rees-Mogg, very blatantly Catholic, would respond to a Hindu in Ten.
Well, we up and walked as I expected (shame he doesn't keep on going, right off Brighton Pier) but decided to blame it on a lack of trust due to Sunak stabbing Johnson in the back.
Which, actually, makes Sunak to have rather more integrity than anybody and everybody who was a Johnson cheerleader.

Now, the important thing to remember is that the measure of the man will not be the colour of his skin, nor his somewhat immoral tax situation whilst being the man in charge of ensuring people pay their taxes. It doesn't even matter if he's stupid rich or prays to Shiva, Brahma, or whoever.
No, it will be whether or not he's any use as a Prime Minister.

Lest it not be forgotten, the blonde white from Oxford was not only Britain's shortest serving Prime Minister, but arguably one of the worst. So clearly race has no bearing on competence.

I still detest the guy. Not because of who or what he is, but simply because he's a Tory. We need an election, not some (more) blather about "unity" and making "difficult choices" because, well, the Conservatives may be ungovernable, never mind the country. And the only choice they need to make is to understand the catastrophe their twelve years in power has been. Promise after promise that was mostly complete bollocks. Right down to the "Let's Get Brexit Done" of Johnson. Are you really any further forward than you were during the 2019 election? And, no, formally leaving does not count, that was going to happen anyway.

Theresa May stepped down in July 2019 after admitting that she had been unable to deliver Brexit. Johnson, well, he's the one who wrote a fantasy figure on the side of a bus, so we can't expect him to deliver anything more than a witty line to be endlessly quoted by the sheep. And... let's say Truss had other things on her mind, like seemingly wrecking the economy for the lulz.
Which means, yes, Sunak is going to have to make some hard decisions. Such as closer integration with the EU, to try to mend some of the damage that the folly of Brexit, especially the hardline red-lines version pushed by the ERG, has caused. But, given that the likes of Rees-Mogg are still around, one can assume the ERG is still around, which means it'll be an uphill battle getting anything happening within the Tories. Assuming, of course, that they don't pull an Obama on him and simply vote down everything because he's the wrong colour.

After all, for the modern Tory, it's Person before Party before Country. And that's more or less the reason for the entire problem...


Lidl "diary preparation"

It's... odd. Not unpleasant - of course not, it's 8.1% sugar! ☺ But the texture is "gloopy".

Not quite yogurt
Not quite yogurt.

If we look at the ingredients, it's 76.6% fermented milk (skimmed milk, cream, and whatever the name of the yogurt fermenting stuff is, I forget), 8.1% sugar, 7.7% strawberries, 2.3% strawberry purée (from concentrate), corn starch, beetroot concentrate for colouring, and natural aroma because clearly 10% strawberry stuff wasn't enough.

It's more or less a yogurt except for that corn starch. That will be why it's weirdly gloopy.

And, given it's a kilogram by weight, that'll be 766g of milk slosh, 81g of sugar, 77g of strawberries, 23g of concentrate, and that leaves 53g for all the rest. If it's done in order of measure, it implies there's no more than 22g of starch but even that's a hell of a lot (if you've ever tried to gel up something with corn starch).


Here we go again

Toys for Christmas
Toys for Christmas, already...
# Oi, Santa! Where's me f---in' ninja toy?



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Anonymous, 26th October 2022, 01:21
Salmonella Scared-a-man is back in her post again. Dear, oh dear.
David Pilling, 26th October 2022, 15:33
When I heard it properly I thought Rish Sunak's back story was inspiring - middle class parents, and in 20 years he has achieved a lot. I had assumed he came from a very wealthy background - apparently not, although he is wealthy now. 
As to the rest... only the obvious to say. We're a long way from the 70s when people told me the country would never vote for a woman as Prime Minister. 
Out at the Washington Post comments, they're full of Britain being racist whilst themselves being misogynistic about Liz Truss. 
Achiever he may be but that does not make him in touch with the people, and he has a back catalogue of decisions. We're in a profound economic crisis, hmm wonder who got us into it. 
His fate depends on luck, or the turn of events. If Putin comes to grief, or there's a spell of anticyclonic weather in January. 
But he is young and clever... 
J.G.Harston, 28th October 2022, 00:54
'ees not Indian, 'ees British, he was born in Southampton. 
Rick, 28th October 2022, 06:44
Yes, I noted his place of birth. But a little thing like that isn't going to hold much sway with the idiots who can't see beyond the skin colour.
C Ferrls, 28th October 2022, 12:07
Mute point - if one was born in India - does that make you Indian? 
Where was Rick born??
C Ferrls25983, 28th October 2022, 12:25
I wonder what our government would be like if it was set up as Northern Ireland- The two major parties had to agree - before they got started :)
Rick, 28th October 2022, 14:08
I think you mean "moot point". ;) 
It depends upon the country. I was born in Scotland, but could claim American nationality (since lapsed) because of my mother. 
Don't know what India's rules are, but if the guy was born in Southampton, then that pretty much makes him British, doesn't it? 
Rick, 28th October 2022, 14:09
The fact that NI's parties have to agree is a large part of why they don't have a functional government. 
We Brits... just don't have a functional government...
John, 29th October 2022, 11:46
The "gloopy" texture of your "Diary Preparation" may well be due to the "corn starch" (UK: cornflour) as one can make a non-newtonian fluid using that!

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