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AccuWeather was, thankfully, wrong

Noon today. The second round of thunderstorms, dumping around 10mm in two hours. 77kph winds. Fire-breathing dragons. That sort of thing.


Sunny and warm
Sunny and warm.

It's 19°C, on the 23rd of October. And, okay, it's starting to get a bit windier and cloudier, but thankfully it's not as was forecast.



I've noticed, incidentally, that the roses have burst into bloom. The one under the huge willow that I thought had died of the heat has poked up a little flower.
Okay, it's not dead then
Okay, it's not dead then...

The one in the pot out front has two buds, and even mom's favourite scented rose is getting in on the action.

Mom's favourite rose
Mom's favourite rose.

It's a little odd, to say the least.


Congratulations on X clicks in Y days!

It seems Google has finally noticed the domain change. I bought while on the way to Châteaubriant. Surfing and driving? Nope, mom was the driver. The move was made live on the 15th of June 2019.

So now...

30th AugustCongrats on reaching 30 clicks in 28 days!
8th SeptemberCongrats on reaching 200 clicks in 28 days!
15th SeptemberCongrats on reaching 350 clicks in 28 days!
25th SeptemberCongrats on reaching 600 clicks in 28 days!
YesterdayCongrats on reaching 800 clicks in 28 days!

Oooh, nearly four digits. I'm surprised it's that many.

I feel like I ought to go... bake a cake?



In the time it took to write this, the sky has turned black and is rumbling. So it's just late and something will be passing through.

Oh well... it was good while it lasted. I'll upload this and go watch a video or something.

Just an hour later...
Just an hour later... yes, it's that dark.
Compare and contrast with the picture at the top.
Hmmm, the christmas tree has blown over. Probably best to leave it that way, for now.

Aaaand... in the time it's taken to write this little section here, the sun has come out again. Uh.... okay... I guess Liz Truss is in charge of the weather today.



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J.G.Harston, 23rd October 2022, 23:51
It bucketed down so much it's torn the flashing off my bay window roof, so the rain has decided to come in through the ceiling. I spent Friday morning phoning around joiners finding somebody to do a repair. Got a chap coming Monday morning to price it up.

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