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  • 2023/08/01 - Cable fail, It's gonna be windy, The burning books, Exploring space.
  • 2023/08/05 - Cheddar, Mowing didn't kill me.
  • 2023/08/07 - Be Prepared, Pass the Popcorn.
  • 2023/08/12 - A 'new' monitor, Psion 3A screen, Rice!, Agitated shopping, Gardening.
  • 2023/08/14 - Some coding, Headphone repair, Cheese origins, Buddleia, Hair, Car service.
  • 2023/08/15 - Music timing in all it's weirdness, Soggy holiday.
  • 2023/08/21 - Bleurgh!, I went to Lidl again..., Candalabra, Rick's Simple Sequencer.
  • 2023/08/22 - Rick's Simple Sequencer v0.02, Oh no! My parcel!
  • 2023/08/24 - Moving the mailbox.
  • 2023/08/27 - Hoo boy!, Blatant corruption, Some light gardening, Vide grenier, SimpleSeq v0.03.
  • 2023/08/31 - More fuel for the fire, Tories - standing for law and order, Resilience is key, Wah! Macron is targetting the British!
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