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Mamie Fletcher's House

I have released a new version of Mamie Fletcher's House on Store.

Asides from a few tweaks to some of the in-game help texts, and some other tweaks here and there, the two main differences are:

Spiders. These will now scarper (immediately climb at 2× speed) if they're caught in the camera flash. If you have the film, this could be a way to clear spiders.

The bigger change is that Lucy's sprites have been recreated. Now they are plotted at 3× scale, and averaged down to the desired 1× scale. This has the effect of slightly blurring Lucy, but on the other hand it blends out the harsh jaggies from the sprites, which was especially noticable on the rotated parts (given SpriteExtend's lack of anti-aliasing). Indeed, drawing at 3× has helped to reduce some of the more egregious weirdness in the rotated plotting.

This is an example of the previous character imagery:

Lucy, as she was drawn.
Lucy, as she was drawn.

And here's the new character imagery:

Lucy, as she is now drawn.
Lucy, as she is now drawn.

Of course, it took a lot of Googling and faffing around to work out how to get the transformation matrix to rotate and scale. And then, of course, play testing. Lots of play testing. ☺

If you don't already have Mamie Fletcher's, it is available on Store for the price of £2.99. That's like less than a Happy Meal. Probably less than a tea these days, too. ☹


A final word on the printing calculator

A final word on the printing calculator before I put the topic to rest. We've looked at the printer mechanism, we've looked at the waveforms, and thanks to a little circuit thrown together on breadboard we've seen how it does what it does.

All that remains to do is to put together a slow-motion video (with pleasing music) to show it in action, along with annotations of what is going on at each step.

Sorry but if you're called John and you're using NetSurf on RISC OS ☺, there are some things that RISC OS just isn't good at. Playing videos is one of those things. And to get an appreciation of what's going on, and how fast it actually is, a video is the best way.



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jgh, 13th November 2023, 00:57
I'm called Jonathan and am using FireFox on Windows, and the video doesn't work either.
Frank, 13th November 2023, 07:20
Well, Firefox on Debian Linux shows it without issues...

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