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Suella Braverman

Let's get the little dose of politics out of the way first, because it's just too depressing.

How does a nasty malicious bitch like Braverman whose eyes shudder with madness manage to occupy not only a position in government but a high position in government (note for foreigners - she's the bloody Home Secretary, who got appointed to the role shortly after being fired from it, you couldn't make it up...). She makes me embarrassed to be British. In fact, that rancid cow makes me embarrassed to be the same species. Will we ever understand the depths of this evil excuse of a human?

Every. Single. Word.


Lidl Slow Cooker unboxing

I got myself a Lidl slow cooker...



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John, 10th November 2023, 10:46
Not a lot of content for those of us on RISC OS NetSurf.
Anon, 10th November 2023, 16:47
"...banning the Big Issue because it's an extremist publication..." 
Don't go giving her ideas!
David Pilling, 10th November 2023, 18:39
The headteacher and education reformer Katharine Birbalsingh recalls meeting Braverman on a tube shortly after the 2010 Conservative party conference. 
“She’s a really nice person,” she says. “She says things now that I don’t agree with, but in terms of character, she’s very friendly and warm and helpful.” 

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