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  • 2008/12/02 - Job extension...
  • 2008/12/06 - Creative Zen review extended, where is NRJ Hits?
  • 2008/12/12 - Work in the future?
  • 2008/12/13 - Work in the future - part two, hold a chicken in the air, bye-bye Woolies, a warning to the wise, euthanasia, and why hiding ciggies is madness.
  • 2008/12/15 - Icky Christmas food!
  • 2008/12/17 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in reverse: The Ugly - ARNAQUES at the Intermarché The Bad - the loss of NRJ Hits The Good - NHK World.
  • 2008/12/20 - Bloody Nokia, mobile data prices, Maltesers (you should be ashamed), cat food (again), Christmas cheer, and when is a byte not a byte?
  • 2008/12/23 - Wow - work continues, Wow2 - a Christmas Parcel, Westmister you should be ashamed, and harddiscs and NTFS.
  • 2008/12/25 - This is it, the day you were waiting for after enduring several months of muzak carols... (not to mention DFS adverts with Slade-like themes banging away in the background, and Morrisson's adverts that somehow manage to be even more annoying, something nobody thought could be possible!, a Santa in every department store (are little kids really that stupid?) and an endless array of hackneyed heard-it-to-death-already carols and money-grovellers and carol-singers and where's the festive spirit lying? it is there in the gutter, rolling in agony after having been kicked senseless by greed and everybody's chorus of "I want! I want! I want!")
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