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Work in the future?

The head honcho pulled me aside to ask if I was still interested in doing the equipment cleaning, to which I said "yes". I think he was fishing to see if I would be willing to work nights, which is a definitive no. We live back-of-beyond and I am not leaving mom here alone through the night.
He asked if I was thinking of moving. I said "maybe, yes". He said "to <town name>". Goodness - because I don't drive and I don't want to leave mom alone, does he really think I'd leave a place I adore and move ten-odd miles up the road just for work convenience? Is the job situation so messed up that that's something viable? I mean, hell, if I get offered a ~60K/year contract I'd be happy to haul ass to another part of the country, but working full time always this job would bring in about €15,500 pa!
Anyway, I said we were looking at Ariège. I with I had a camera - his face! Second-in-command looked like he was doing a stirling job of suppressing a giggle.

I've left it that if they have something more definitive (having already had this idea kicking around before a few months ago...), if they give it to me in writing I'll talk it over with mom. But nights = no go. Definitively.


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