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Death defying

Yesterday we had a spot of snow. Which melted slightly. Then froze. Conditions on the roads were treacherous. Mom, coming to pick me up for the end of my shift at noon, had to brake gently to avoid somebody driving down the middle of the road. This guy went on by as mom tailslid in a rotation and a half to end up on the verge, facing the wrong way, within mere inches of diving into the deep forest ditches.

We took the journey back, a different way I hasten to add, at 30kph. Or in other words doing about 2400prm in second gear. Oddly enough, nobody passed, which is very unlike the French! ☺

As much as I like my perfect attendance, a minimum wage job simply isn't worth the risk. In fact, I'd struggle to think of any job that is. So if conditions are like that again, sod it. We're staying put.

You might suggest snow chains. Well, we aren't in an area known for iced roads so our local supermarkets don't stock such things. And, well, it isn't like we have a Halfords nearby!



In a nearby supermarket, there is a little tray with wooden letters that you can buy for something like €0,20 apiece. To make a display, one of the members of staff had written "MEYENNE", which is a nearby département, maybe where she lives?, maybe because it is a heck of a lot less letters than Loire-Atlantique?!
Well, I wasn't happy with this. Unable to find an 'A' she misspelled Mayenne. That's so lame.

So I said to mom that her incorrect "Meyenne" was seven letters. So's "HeyRick", and two of the letters are already in the right place.
Mom got the idea.

Sorry the quality is naff. Took this with the mobile phone. Somehow, given directions to press the blue button, mom managed to put the phone into 'zoom'. I was getting stuff ready for the till when mom pointed this out so I said "just take the picture anyway". I know the zoom is crap and actually just makes the picture smaller rather than any attempt at zooming so I never use it. Consequently I don't actually remember how to turn zoom on and off. Oh well.

BTW, this was done a few days ago. It's still there. ☺


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Rob, 20th December 2009, 18:38
lol @ the letters. Snowed here today, too. Had to go shopping though, as was the last chance before Christmas. Slid down the road until we got to a gritted one. Glad none of the kids were about! This comment was left with the main intention of testing the RSS feed, as it said it was empty, when I subscribed!
Robr, 20th December 2009, 18:43
Well that sort of worked. Told me there /was/ a comment. No chance of including the comment itself? After all, it'd save having to click and a wait for the browser to load the page..
Rick, 23rd December 2009, 00:37
Yes, that is in the pipeline. The comment, or at least the first 256 characters of it, will be added sometime. At the moment, I'm just making sure _this_ much works. :-) OTOH, do you happen to know how XML would handle "こんにちは" (konnichiwa, "hello")?

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