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Earlier in the day, I was moving a rack that was supposed to hold 46 platters, but two rungs were broken so it only held 42. As not much was going on, I pointed out that 42 is a very special number.
I shouldn't have bothered. My second line manager, nor any of the girls eavesdropping nearby, had a clue about Douglas Adams, the meaning of life, or 42.
At breaktime I pointed them to the French version of the Wiki page, and I just got blank looks.

Later on, the staff were all excited about having little PMR radios to call the maintenance guys, and each other. Well, those that could work the radios, that is.
One of them pressed transmit and held it up to my mouth.
So you expect me to say something in bad Japanese? Or "Hello World"? Not a bit of it!

Quick as a flash, I say:

Mork calling Orson, come in Orson!

To say a lot of people turned around and stared at me would be an understatement.
If you're as science-fictionally uncultered as my cow-orkers, then look here.


The end of production manage

And thank God.

It's not that I don't like the people that I work with, or the company. It's more... I prefer to have a job to do, to know what that job is, and to be left to get on with it. The evening clean-up is exactly such a job. Clean the place up. Here's my half. Be done by half ten.
Production line menage, on the other hand, is the closest thing to organised chaos possible. I play fetch-it for different lines of production who invariably want something at the same time, so I have to juggle priorities. And this is where the red tape comes in. I like to know what is to be produced so that I can try to keep a step ahead (if we'll be turning out stuff from flexible moulds, we'd need metal trays clean and sterilised), but this is sometimes difficult, especially when things have to change on the fly (such-and-such isn't frozen enough, okay, we'll do this instead). It's a highly fluid situation and it does my head in.
I'm probably thinking way more than I am supposed to, and evidently more than the green hats want me to, but at the end of the day I take some responsibility for the smooth running of the various lines of production. To me it is not sufficient to say "the baking trays aren't ready yet" or "there are no size 7-8 gloves right now". To me, this is a problem. To the green-hats, this is somebody else's problem...

Ah well... Not my problem for another 7-8 months. ☺


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