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Passport application - step 2

Turns out my card was being refused as there is a limit of €300 on any single purchase. I called the finance centre and after explaining, the person on the phone said the limit would be raised to €500 for seven days.
As of yet, no debit. Did the woman at the embassy not try like she said she would, or was the limit not altered?
The cost of the two passports? €304. All of this over four euros. <sigh>


Killer cucumbers

There is, no doubt, a lot of egg on the face of the Germans, for pointing blame at cucumbers, then adding in tomato and lettuce. All of which were suspect, but not the actual cause of the problem.
These are not Spanish, but as you can see, the media screaming (shades of Fukushima-we're-all-gonna-die anybody?) has put the frighteners on people, and as such, the French cucumbers sit here unwanted:
Unwanted cucumbers


Price madness

As you know, I keep an eye open for illogical pricing. Well, here's the latest installment.
Which would you buy?
  • Heinz ketchup - 400ml/460g - €1.83.
  • Heinz ketchup - 500ml/570g - €1.82.
It's a no brainer, really!
Bizarre prices of Heinz ketchup
Other weird pricing, look on the upper left. 220ml/250g for €1.25, while down below is 300ml/342g in a glass bottle (like it is supposed to be) for two centimes more. Yet the exact same amount as in the bottle costs a massive €1.62 in a squeezy bottle. Can you figure this out? It makes no sense!


Data leak

At work there is going to be an election for the representatives of the employees, or something like that. Up on the wall is a massive data leak. It lists the names of every employee, the date they began working with the company (notice mine counts from my second CDD, not the first), their date of birth, and their eligibility to vote.
Surely all you need is the name, the time working rounded to the nearest quarter year, and whether or not they can vote? I wonder, also, out of this lot, how many use their year of birth as their locker combination (I believe my cow-orker does).
Data leak


Evil sky

Thankfully the wind was in the wrong direction, so it was close but did not arrive. You almost expect malevolent beings in space ships to burst out of a sky like that...
Evil sky


Uh-oh! That command really offends me!

There was a sign on the noticeboard at work. It was about college courses of some sort. I happened to notice some additional text stuck into the printout:
Extra messages in a printout
I wonder how many people even noticed it, never mind understand it? Basically, something is missing from the document as the printer ran out of memory. The usual solution to this is "rearrange the print jobs as the printer might have more free memory earlier in the process" which says nothing nice about a PostScript interpreter's memory management systems.



Now that I have my breaktime around about 1.30am, I have given up on soft drinks and such. Here you can see my selection. Noodles and the like, a chocolate bar, something to read... and tea. Tetley. I am so glad I had the idea to buy a Thermos, for nothing comes close to a cuppa...
Tea on break!


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Rob, 14th June 2011, 14:10
Re pricing. Ah, but you are paying extra for the special bottle that allows you to stand the ketchup upside down... We see the same pricing here. 
Worse is when it's cheaper to buy smaller packs of things than bigger packs. (Tea bags in ASDA earlier today: £1 for 80, £2.15 for 160.) Are they just trying to waste packaging?! 
Rick, 14th June 2011, 15:30
I think people have been conditioned to believe that multi/bulk buys will save them money; somewhere along the way this ceased to be so and buying more of something is now often more expensive. Same thing here, I'm afraid. :-(

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