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Driving madness

As it was getting hot, and predicted to be very hot the next few days, I headed to the local supermarket to pick up some salads, rice pudding, lemonade, and coke in a bottle the way God intended.

On the way, a little town with most of it being a 30kph zone because it's a dog-leg bend with a primary school lurking in there. So I'm doing maybe 32 or so, slowing down. The guy behind, he isn't having any of that. He whizzes around me, probably doing about 45 or so in the 30 zone.
It pains me to obscure this moron's licence plate, but French privacy laws...

Too much speed

On the way home, two Bambis waited until I was close, and then decided to cross the road.

Bambi crossing


The end of the sales

I picked up a couple of things as the sales were coming to an end.

The first, for €10 is a tyre pressure meter. It's a simple little device, simply unscrew the cap on the valve and press this thing against it. It notices the air pressure, turns itself on, and reports the pressure.

Tyre pressure
I'll need to check its readings against a tyre pressure gauge that isn't my local supermarket. My tyres ought to be around 1.6 bar (~23psi), and that's what I was aiming for with the supermarket inflator, however the gauge reckons they are 1.9 bar (~27psi). Before I let air out, I'll want to double-check it, as there is a discrepancy here.
That being said, there's no obvious signs of uneven wear, and to be honest at a max of just over 45kph, the tyres are not driven particularly hard. Certainly nothing like running on a hot road at 110kph!

Speaking of tyres, given the naff state of my spare tyre, I got this (€5) to pop under the seat. Just in case.

Tyre foam

And finally, a little LED "disco light" thing. Intended for use in a car, it runs off a USB supply and lights up three LEDs (one red, one green, one blue (nerd note: there are actually four LEDs, two green ones)) either in a slow switch from one to the next, or in the presence of music, in time with the sound of the music.

Car disco light
It's the sort of dumb thing that nobody in their right mind would think of buying at retail price, but for €0,50 it seemed like something to mess around with. But not in a car, that would be just naff. Having said that, maybe it just depends upon the music? ☺
The song playing is the beginning of "Cry" by Dark Princess. It sounds a bit naff because, well, my car's hi-fi is missing both the hi and the fi... But it gives you an idea of what the thing does.



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