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Back at work

My calendar entry...
My calendar entry for back to work today

Some people worked there, doing stuff during the holidays that couldn't be done otherwise, like complete strip downs of the equipment, that will likely now run near flat out until the winter break.

Would it have been too much for them to consider the possibility of passing the bog brush around once in a while?
Or emptying the bin when it is full?
Or, FFS, putting a liner in the bin before filling it with assorted rubbish?
Or wiping up whatever the hell that sticky mess spilt all over the floor in the staff break room?

Clearly, too much thought required.

This is, sadly, what it is normally like on return from summer holiday. I'm not annoyed or fed up or depressed about going back to work, I'm annoyed and fed up and depressed because I know what sort of shitheap things will be with a three week absence.


On the plus side, the management got there before I did, so the packs of beer were noticed. ☺
See guys? You shoulda emptied the damn bin.


Anna's first wander

Today was a big day for kitten and me. I opened the door to her shed, walked away a little. What happened next could have been a disaster, or...

I opened the door to her stable and walked away a little. She shot out, followed me, and was mewing quite a lot. No doubt worried about the big open. I stayed with her, played with her, and then led her up to the tarmac area by the far end of the house.
When she started to seem a little agitated, I slowly walked down to her stable. She would come bounding after me, paws out as if trying to catch my leg. Then she'd stop, wait for me to move on a big, and repeat. So I think it's a good thing that she felt comfortable enough to be playful. It's also great that she's bonded with me. On Sunday morning she cringed in the corner of her stable, so I just squatted down and talked to her until she came over by herself. Lots of petting followed, so now she comes to me.
Today, I led her back into her stable and she followed. Which is also good. That she now may consider it "her place" instead of somewhere to escape from. That doesn't mean she won't escape, she's a kitten after all, but it'll be doing it for the sake of doing it rather than out of fear.
And, of course, she got fed. Nothing gets the purring running like a fresh bowl of food and some petting.



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Gavin Wraith, 18th August 2020, 22:22
Anna is adorable. My eldest daughter's name on the birth certificate is Anne-Kathrine, but that soon become anglicized to Anna. Our cat died last year. Seeing yours makes me think we should get a replacement.
David Boddie, 18th August 2020, 22:44
Anna is so sweet, and so vocal about things! Need more cat pictures!
Mick, 19th August 2020, 10:39
What a cutie. Don't know how you can have Annie as an outside cat. She is so cuddly I think I'd have her inside. Have you still got any inside cats? My sister got a rescue cat just before lockdown. A very untrusting and nervous 7 year old tortoise shell. It has taken 5 months for them to bond. She runs from me. Maybe compared to her former slaves we are not worthy.

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