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I started Felicity and began to head home, when I realised that the speedometer needle was sitting firmly at zero.

Yes, the speedometer that was fixed earlier in the year with a new engine-mounted widget and dashboard unit (which has only clocked up 10k).

I disconnected the speedometer end of the cable, and the lug inside rotates when the car drifts backards down the driveway.
I disconnected the engine end of the cable, and the speedometer kicks when the lug in the cable is turned by hand.
So all the bits appear to work. But with everything reassembled, they don't. Unfortunately I can't really see what's going on as it's rather difficult to access both parts (my back still hurts from the contortions involved in getting under the dashboard).

Given that the speedometer wasn't working when I had the car demonstrated, and it's now failed for me twice, I wonder if this is some sort of "known issue" with this model? I can't say a fault in my particular car, as the stuff all got changed to fix it the last time, so there's no logical reason why it should seem to fail like this...

It's not a big deal, I have the GPS speedometer, but it is annoying that the kilometrage will no longer keep track of distance. Well, I think I'm going to have to give up on it reflecting anything at all other than "some random numbers".

I need to have a major service in 1,400km...which is about eight weeks if I only drive to work and back. Thankfully the GPS speedometer records distance travelled (wrapping at 9999). It's currently 1196, so the service will have to be done before 2592...


Derisory sickness payments

It seems to me to be quite clear that the government wants to be seen to be "helping" with people who cannot work due to testing positive for CoViD, while actually doing nothing to "control the virus" as the publicity often says. Part of me still wonders if the idea of "let's infect everybody and be done with it" is lurking in the undercurrent of government decisions.

Why? Because you have to be:

  • Living in an area with a high infection rate
  • Show proof of employment (or self employment)
  • Be unable to work from home
  • Be receiving either universal credit or working tax credit
If you meet all of those criteria, then those low-paid workers who test positive will have to self-isolate for 10 days, and they will receive a payment of £130 for that time.

That's a sick joke. Thirteen quid a day? That's not even enough to buy a decent sized meal at McDonalds.

At minimum wage, it probably counts for maybe two hours of work net, if that. People, they will not only need to look after themselves, they may have families (including children) and bills that will need paid.
And this is for those on things like universal credit. There are low paid workers that don't qualify for that, who cannot absorb the costs of isolating themselves.

So this action is going to cause people who are sick to continue going to work as much as possible, spreading the virus to others.

Assuming the virus testing is performed by a proper medical practitioner (and it isn't a do-it-yourself kit), anybody who tests positive should be signed off work for a period of 14 days, and will receive no less than 80% of minimum wage for that time (with no restriction other than "being employed in any manner", yes, including part time and zero hour contracts). That way, there will be a not-great-but-adequate safety net for people that they can go and get tested if they feel unwell or think they have symptoms, and can do the responsible thing and isolate should they unfortunately be positive.
Because, that insulting £130? If I can stick it out for two days, I've already made that much. That I might have infected all my cow-orkers is just collateral damage, right?

Thankfully I live and work in a country that does at least recognise that there's a problem here, and does mostly try to take care of its workforce (even if they are notoriously unsatisfied and prone to public demonstrations over anything and everything... or maybe because of that?).
So, if I should feel like there's a possibility of my having caught the plague, I can just stay home.



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David Pilling, 28th August 2020, 23:33
So how much is the payment in France. Yes 13 quid a day is too little. But then again what to make of the "I'm ill, I don't care how many other people get it" attitude which is prevalent all the time - and not just amongst those too poor to have no choice. 
Rick, 29th August 2020, 00:28
As far as I can tell, quarantine now counts as regular sick leave, so I won't be paid anything for the first three days (this is normal) and then I'll be covered 90% of my salary until the 30th or 40th day, then my coverage is 66%. 
Something like that, but I've never been ill that long, and quarantine isn't as long either, what, about 14 days? 
Rob, 29th August 2020, 02:53
I was in a Sainsburys Local this afternoon... of the six other customers (+1 child) I saw, only one other person was wearing a mask.. The assistant on the till had one, but it was down over his chin. The two people in front of me at the till were complaining about all the restrictions, how the casualty figures were made up, how nobody really had it... 
Two (distant, didn't know them) relatives of mine have died of it that I know so far, and the health of my Mrs is such that we dare not risk it anywhere near us. So I stood there, in my hospital grade mask, and bit my tongue as I waited my turn. Idiots.
Mick, 11th September 2020, 00:58
Confession time. I forgot to put my mask on today in a local DIY store. Nobody said anything. I made my purchase left and went to take my mask off but it wasn't on. I should have realised I wasn't wearing it as I could see out of my glasses. I put mask on and went back into apologise. You can't expect people to remind people as most around here who don't wear one are pond life and would make a problem for anyone who brought it to their attention.

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