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The final day of my holiday

I'm not somebody who has life planned out to meticulous detail. I pretty much go with the flow, and make vague details like "I'll go shopping on Tuesday".

Today's vague detail was "set my alarm and get up as if for work, so the early morning won't be a problem tomorrow".

That wasn't to be. I got up at seven, made a cup of tea, scanned the headlines, and when I woke up it was quarter past ten.

Why? Well, for that we'll need to rewind a few hours.


2am. Saturday night or Sunday morning depending on how you want to count it.

A heavy thunderstorm. Which seems, to me, about the last thing a nervous kitten would want to cope with.

So I held a newspaper over my head and headed out to check on Anna and...


There was no kitten. Nothing.

This led to me walking in circles calling out her name. Then I had a brainwave - she's only had that name for a short while. Maybe I ought to just "meeew!".
So I did.
And she replied.

A few minutes of to and fro mewing at each other until I was able to locate her. It would have been quicker, had it not been for the wind and rain. But, I found her. A soggy little furball clinging to a small tree.
I took her home (her home, not mine), gave her some food, and just stayed with her stroking her gently until she had calmed down.

Actually, I missed a part. I went to get her food,and saw her trying to squeeze herself out of a tiny hole in the mesh 'window'. I opened the food pouch behind her and she decided that it smelled more interesting than outside, and unsqueezed herself from the hole. Which I blocked with the end of a length of wood.

So that's why getting up at seven wasn't going to work.

This morning...


New speakers

A friend gave me some speakers for Felicity.

I hadn't appreciated how small the originals were, but not to be deterred, I got out my toolbox and some self-tapping screws.

Aesthetics count for less than bass that works.



The Sunday routine. A quiet peaceful day. I guess, in another time, mom and I probably would have done half a dozen vide greniers. But in this brave new completely fscked world, I'll just bake a pizza, watch Netflix, and just chill. It all changes as of tomorrow, so I'm not going to feel guilty sitting here watching Time Trap (not a bad film). And to laugh at the amusement of the fact that here in France, it is Amazon that has bagged the rights to the Fast and Furious franchise, but it is Netflix that got the rights to show the 8th one. Uh... the submarine race/fight/thing? I dunno, they keep getting more and more over the top. I wonder if the next one will include "cars on a space station"? Well, why not? Doesn't the whole thing basically run on "rule of cool" now?



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