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An unwanted day off work

This morning I awoke to this:
A light dusting of snow
A light dusting of snow.

It was, as the caption said, a light dusting of snow. No big deal.

So I got ready for work, and went to bring Felicity around front so she could warm up while getting ready.
This is as far as I got:

A light dusting of snow with something nasty underneath
A light dusting of snow with something nasty underneath.

You see, the problem was that the ground wasn't entirely cold, so the snow on the ground melted, froze into ice, and then more snow fell on top. So what looked like a little bit of snow was actually sitting on a sheet of ice. I wasn't going fast, as that's just out front, but sliding at walking pace is no fun. I didn't fancy the idea of doing it at driving speed.

We had a lovely sunny day, although it barely went over freezing and was -2°C by mid afternoon. There is still some ice, but most of the snow on the access lane and the tarmac out front has dissipated. I will try again tomorrow. The sun may have made the roads passable... but... and there's a big BUT - it is supposed to be -7°C tonight (it's already far into the unhappy side of -4) so I'm not sure how much ice will be around tomorrow. If there's too much (read: any, it's a 350kg car!) and I'm not happy with the conditions, I'll just turn back and make my apologies.
Work is important. Not dying... more important.

I say an unwanted day off as, apart from walking Anna during the warmest part of the day (around 1.30pm), I've mostly stayed in bed wrapped in the electric blanket. Well, I'm now halfway through the third season of Into the Badlands. It's freezing outside (quite literally) so what else is there to do?


Anna and The Snow

As much as Anna hates rain, she seemed somewhat confused by snow. Like... the ground was broken, not behaving correctly.
She spent a long time examining it.
Human, the surface of your planet is broken
Human, the surface of your planet is broken.

Of course, there's always time to lie down and contemplate the brokenness.

Just a little rest
Just a little rest.

Obligatory cat video!



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David Pilling, 12th February 2021, 02:25
Chains - and for the mower.

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