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The last time I'll drive Felicity

I got up at half five, made a tea, then went back to bed. I feel that this has been a long hard week, so I planned to get up around noon.

By quarter past ten I was out front with Felicity. I took out all of the stuff in her, and switched the speakers back to the naff ones that she came with.
Then I gave her a wash and passed the vacuum cleaner over the carpeting. I know they'll do all of this, but it's no excuse for handing her over in a state.

One thing I can say about Felicity is that she looks friendly. Some cars look aggressive, as if they're scowling. Felicity is not like that at all. She's.... cute.
But, alas, washed and cleaned, it was time to take her back around to park her in the hangar. And that will be the final time I drive her.


Spring has sprung!

After sorting out Felicity, I fired up Marte, the big mower. This was a little nerve wracking - would my repairs to the mower deck hold? More specifically, would my repairs to the mower deck hold when the blades were under stress from the belt and hitting clumps of grass while spinning underneath me at something like 3000rpm?
Marte ready for action
Marte ready for action.

As it happens, not only did the mower perform faultlessly, it looks like my repairs have brought the deck back into balance, for the result was a fairly even cut (especially compared to before) and it left the grass looking quite nice indeed. It took a few hours, but it's all sorted now. Well, it's springtime, so it's all sorted until this time next week. ☺

It's not a Western Wilderness any more, is it?
It's not a Western Wilderness any more, is it?

After last week's -8°C, today offered a high of 16.7°C. I had the doors and windows open to air out the dampness and let the warmth in. The only bad point was that there was a strong wind blowing. We were on yellow (minimum) alert for violent wind this morning.

After the mowing was done, I had a shower to wash all of the grass bits out of my hair. Then a tea and a sit in the sunshine while Anna frolicked around.
In one of the raised planters, little "Nain" daffodils had burst into flower. Their bigger brothers had yet to flower, but soon.

Mini daffodils in flower
Mini daffodils in flower.

It also looks like my Hyacinth has split itself into two. Well, okay, it's a pretty flower.

Twice the Hyacinth
Twice the Hyacinth.



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David Pilling, 21st February 2021, 19:16
Cutting the grass is impressive - despite a big increase in temperatures here, it will be a while yet. Flowers have jumped this week. One or two daffodils in flower, lots of crocus. Here in Blackpool there is salt laden wind to keep the grass cut back. 
Pieter, 26th February 2021, 04:34
"One thing I can say about Felicity is that she looks friendly. Some cars look aggressive, as if they're scowling." -- Absolutely. There was a time when more cars looked friendly. 
Here in my part of Tokyo daffodils are just emerging.

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