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It's hot, and getting hotter

We are also now on RED ALERT! for heatwave, as of 1pm tomorrow afternoon -

Red alert for heatwave
Red alert for heatwave.

I have topped up the coolant in my dinky little car. As it will be stupidly hot (they're predicting 40°C), I also have a container of replacement coolant as well as a bottle of Evian.
I also prepared a coke and a fruit juice to take with me on the journey home.

I think I'll drive a little more sedately as well, maybe 35-40ish, rather than running the engine full speed to get to the usual driving speed.
Aixams do not have an automatic fan. It is a fan fixed to the belt that runs the water pump and the alternator (actually, it's attached to the water pump wheel, I think). To get the fan to run faster, the engine must run faster, which also creates more heat. So... I think sedate is a better approach.

To put the current forecast into perspective, they are expecting 40°C in Brest tomorrow. The current highest temperature recorded in Brest was 35.2°C in July 1949. That may have been broken today. It almost certainly will be tomorrow.


The burgers that never were

I bought a pack of two burgers yesterday to make, well, burgers.

Only, when it came to cooking time, the burgers turned into something else.

Yesterday, it was a burger alongside brocolli tossed in cheese and fried onion.

Burger and brocolli/cheese/onion
Burger and brocolli / cheese / fried onion.

Just now? Farfalle with fried onions and burger bits.

Farfalle with fried onions and burger bits
Farfalle with fried onions and burger bits.

And, simply because I can (got to do something with this macro lens!), here's a close-up of pepper dusted on a piece of farfalle.

Farfalle dusted with pepper
Farfalle dusted with pepper.


I'm now going to retire to my room, sit on my bed, and see what Netflix has to offer...



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Bernard, 18th July 2022, 00:06
Don’t you just love the word ‘canicule’? Its use for weather more intense than regular ‘dog days’ makes it special and not as boring as ‘heatwave’ or ‘Hitzewelle’ (I am today in eastern Germany enjoying normal summer weather).
Gavin Wraith, 18th July 2022, 11:30
You cannot be Sirius. You have been reading Nabokov?

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