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The final Tory standing

I really don't understand all of the hoo-ha over the current Tory leadership race. Especially given as it is not an open vote. The wittling down was done by MPs voting. And the final winner will be decided by a vote of party members.

As I write this, Penny Mordaunt has been elminated. So it's a choice between Thatcher-Reincarnated aka Liz Truss (who might accidently start a war with Russia, given as people will be forced to take her seriously as PM), or the I-Have-No-Idea-How-The-Common-People-Live Rishi Sunak (let's tax the plebs a little more so we can ease the burden on the wealthy).

Honestly, it's like being asked if you'd prefer to be shot in the head or the heart.

The thing is, this is going to make exactly zero difference to anything whatsoever. The problem is not the idiot claiming to be in charge, it is the Tories themselves. Those who have mishandled the country for well over a decade.
Lest we forget, they were all, until recently, making excuses for Johnson. Saying things like "he has apologised, it's time to move on, we have work to do".
The only reason they turned against him was because he became more of a liability than a way to further their careers (defined as "make myself lots of coin").
Nobody suddenly sprouted a conscience. Not a one of them cared until it became clear that some favourable headlines in the red tops wasn't going to gloss over things.

Instead, we are at a place where there is a very real risk of a decent portion of the workforce downing tools and striking in the coming weeks or months.
We're at a place where one in five people (actually, 22%) of he population is in poverty. That's 14.5 million people, broken down as 8.1M working age adults, 4.3M children, and 2.1M pensioners. (source: Food for Families)
We are at a place where trust in politics, politicians, police, and the rule of law is at an all time low, and still heading south.

Tomorrow, it'll probably be Rishi Sunak who will have to attempt to sort out the wreckage. I would say "with any luck he'll call an election and the party will lose many seats", but I'm afraid I don't hold out much hope for change. Far too many people will vote according to the allegiances of their preferred newspaper (or TV station - hello Murdoch).
After all, they gave Johnson their support, which really was like Turkeys voting for Christmas given that the working class should never trust a Tory.


Psychotic piece of toast

There's a notice up at work telling people to clean their lockers and leave them open and unlocked during the summer holiday (for an inspection and so anything that is damaged can be repaired).
It is illustrated with what I understand to be a "happy sponge", like Rob Ross' happy trees, holding a bucket. Because... I don't even want to think, it makes no sense.

But since I'm somewhat atypical, that's not what I saw when I saw the notice.

So I have been messing it up for some of my cow-orkers by telling them what I see. And what I see is a psychotic piece of toast with a slasher smile, and you have to wonder if that's a bucket full of severed body parts.

Psychotic toast
Psychotic toast

Some of them were like "what?", and they rushed over to the door to look for a psychotic piece of toast on the notice, having read the words and completely ignored the design that was probably swiped from some random clipart collection.
You could see it on their faces. Yes, it's a psychotic piece of toast and they're not going to be able to unsee that.

I said to the woman who I talked to regarding the dandy cartoon guy, and said to her that I was the complete opposite. I saw the psychotic piece of toast and completely ignored the words because, honestly, that psychotic piece of toast disturbed me, as any psychotic piece of toast rightly should.

(it's okay, they already know I'm weird... but, bless, the poor souls probably think it's because I'm "anglais")



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Gavin Wraith, 20th July 2022, 23:07
I think sponges are, for many people, inherently comic (Spongebob, Musrum fears spongecats, ... ). In the ancient world there was no loo paper - they used sponges.
J.G.Harston, 23rd July 2022, 20:45
Currently on Brit TV there's a set of adverts for some type of bread. It features anthomop... anthrop... walking'n'talking slices of bread. Dipping themselves in soup, being slathered with jam. Not shown: the screams of terror as these sentient life-forms are eaten alive! :)

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