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Advent 2021 day 15


Mamie Fletcher's House 15

I haven't, as yet, had any feedback regarding Mamie Fletcher's... did anybody actually buy it?

I've not had a monthly download recap from PlingStore since the 1st of September, so have no idea whether any copies have sold. I rather suspect that PlingStore's behaviour is mostly being done manually, which is a bit ridiculous in this day and age, but then it's... very RISC OS, isn't it? ☺

As such, the questions below are things that came up during testing, and also things that I think might need a little bit of extra explanation.
If you bought the game and have questions or want help, leave a comment below.


Finding keys

Keys are hidden inside teapots, but teapots only "become" when the fear level is 25% or more.

Walk into a ghost (+10%), or get bitten by a spider (+10%), or fall off a ledge onto the level below (+25%) [note: fear values are for normal level] and when you reach or pass 25%, you can drink tea in order to calm down (-25%). And maybe find the key.


Photo fear goes both ways

If you try, and fail, to take a photo of a ghost (no film), then your fear will increase by 5%. However if you succeed in vanquishing it, your fear will go down 5%.


No ghosts to be found but the level hasn't ended?

That means there is another ghost to be found.


Seriously, there's no ghost, this game is broken!

Seriously, there is a ghost. Perhaps you need to draw the ghosts out? For this, you'll have to get your fear up to about 85%.

I know the level that you means and it's a good news bad news situation. The good news is that it'll work. The bad news is that they're Mega Ghosts. I trust you're able to leg it to the nearest teapot once they're in sight...


Photo fun

Standing on the upper step (of the three) will allow your camera flash to hit two levels at once.


Collecting film?

You need about 350 or so photos (normal skill). With 36 photos per roll, that's ten rolls of film. Add another couple to be on the safe side. Once you reach that, you only need to collect rolls if they're right in front of you. Otherwise, you can skip them.


Holy ladder!

If you climb the ladder that goes up to a hole in the floor, you'll fall when reaching the top, giving you +25% fear. That's not good.
The trick here is to press Up and Left (or Right) at the same time as soon as you reach the top, to jump from the top of the ladder onto safe floor.



Level six begins with a double jump. The trick here is to line up with the third brick back from the edge...which is, conveniently, exactly where Lucy begins the level. So just to Up&Right twice and you'll be okay.

The same method of lining up (not to close to the edge) will also help get you across the triple jumps (I think on level 17?). However this is a concrete level, so you'll need to estimate how far back to be.

In various places, there's not so much a hole in the floor as a completely missing piece of floor. This, also, is jumpable, but you'll need to be close to the edge when you hit Up.


Need to practice a level?

You don't need to play to the level you want to practice, just hit F8 to mark all the ghosts on the current level as cleared (note - this is counted as cheating, so you shouldn't do this when playing for real). It's a quick way to get to the level you want to practice.


Cheat code?

Of course. You'll have to discover it for yourself. But, note, the game will notice that you have cheated, so you can't "win the game" that way.


Finally, tomorrow, something very special to end this little series on Mamie Fletcher.



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VinceH, 16th December 2021, 01:09
Speaking of Repton (in a reply to a comment on yesterday's post)... You've heard of 'The Repton Shuffle'? Well, that trick of climbing a ladder and jumping off it to the left or right... That's 'The Lucy Leap' ;)

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