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Rick, 1st January 2022, 18:07
Vince has written about the Twirls on his blog. It seems these are sold in the UK as Twirl Bites. 
Frankly, I'd rather have the Twirls that he has. The little ones are just... ewww
VinceH, 6th January 2022, 22:58
The apocalypse is upon us[1]. 
I went shopping this evening - and my local supermarket had very little fruit (I usually buy apples, oranges, and bananas, and I ended up buying zero out of the three), the bread aisle was just about empty (I normally buy my bread there, but I needed some earlier so I nipped out to a nearer shop). 
But worse than that... *so much* worse than that... 
There were no Twirls. 
I'm down to just two bars in that last packet. 
[1] Okay, it's almost certainly down to the next stage of the disaster that is Brexit. FFS.

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