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Advent 2021 day 24 - the final one

All good things must come to an end. And so, my daily chocolate and pricey plastic reaches a conclusion.


I went shopping

Honestly, I should have gone yesterday after work, but I just wanted to come home and sink a cuppa.

So I went out today. Only up to the nearby town. I decided to give Châteaubriant a miss as it would likely be chaos, what with this annoying Christmas event sneaking up on everybody. It was madness enough in the local supermarket. Social distancing? Not likely.

The odd thing was how many people stared at me as I walked by with headphones on. Proper noise cancelling ones. Because they were all losing it over getting those last minute presents from an ever decreasing toy selection, and I was rocking out to Purple Rain. Love 80s Manchester played the full version. Anything less would be sacrilege.

I enjoyed some sun blasting through the car windows on the way home. There's real heat in the sun, even when it's the middle of December. I made the calendars video and went in to have more tea. Shortly after, it chucked it down, so I decided to make the chicken and pasta meal, and edit together the video while eating it.

Uploaded, blog post written, a dozen silly little things done along the way. I think I'm all set to crawl into bed (heated blanket FTW!) and watch... I dunno. I might start with "Don't Look Up".



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Rick, 24th December 2021, 22:03
"Don't Look Up" was funny, and Ariana Grande's cameo song was hysterical. 
But - one problem. I know it was intended as a parody, as a look at how people might react if taken to illogical extremes. The problem is, however, that it's far closer to being a documentary than a parody. 
Still definitely worth a watch.
Rick, 24th December 2021, 22:20
Link to the song video: 
Don't think it's another love ballad. If it helps, skip to +2m. 
Funny, those words could apply to a real life "crisis" that's happening right now... 
It's almost as if the film is a great big metaphor, isn't it? 
Nah, that couldn't be it... ;)
VinceH, 25th December 2021, 00:43
Purple Rain. Brilliant song, from a brilliant album - one of the first I ever bought.
VinceH, 25th December 2021, 00:43
Purple Rain. Brilliant song, from a brilliant album - one of the first I ever bought.
VinceH, 25th December 2021, 00:43
Oops. :)
Rick, 25th December 2021, 05:15
Nah, it's good enough you can say it twice. 
Have you seen, on YouTube, his Superbowl performance of that song?
David Pilling, 27th December 2021, 12:50
"Listen to the goddamn qualified scientists" - gosh well I'm glad you're listening to me... 
Pandemic songs 
"Keep your distance" 
"Six feet apart" 
Rick, 2nd January 2022, 10:14
I'll just leave this here:

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