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Met a bloke today.
As he had (nearly-)free train travel plus some days off, he decided to EuroStar to Paris, then down to our administrative city, then down further to our nearest train station...

We 'met' on-line. Emails, a few SMS, and a nice phone call. He's the poor sod who paid a heck of a lot for 19 minutes overseas... apparently there's a thing you have to sign up for, costs a fiver, gives you cheaper overseas calls. Typical "Rip-off Britain", no such nonsense on my phone!
So, a person I met on the internet...
He didn't turn up dressed as a girl. He wasn't wearing a cow-ring through his nose. He wasn't sporting a mohican, nor was he practically naked. He certainly wasn't a hatchet wielding hockey-mask-wearing nut job. He was, in fact, gasp, normal. ☺

He brought with him some nifty stuff for me. Okay, it's a "crap old computer" (his words), but clocking 1GHz it is twice as powerful as what I'm currently using! Also there's an "old" telephone for "recycling". A Nokia 6230i, which with radio and MP3 player and colour and stuff, it's well out of the league of my previous phone which could just-about WAP if you didn't want colours or pictures or anything fancy. I'll discuss this stuff later on.

Not to leave mom feeling left out, he even brought some British tea and a decent box of chocolates. Thorntons, the good stuff.

We took him to see where I work, grab a sandwich, then we had a tea at our friendly local bar. Sadly it was all over way too soon as he had a return train to catch, I meant to show him what a PCMCIA card looks like... but nevermind, nobody's life will end 'cos I forgot!

I think it was a good meeting and things went well. I hope his brief stay in France was good and that he'll be willing to return soon. He wants to learn some French, which I would say is a good sign!


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