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Today at work we made "cheesecake". It is a crumble base, pressed into rubberlike cookware moulds (about 10×7 I think? (that's not dimensions, that's how many in a mould)) which are baked. On top of this some yellow stuff is squirted. This is then baked (I think?), then frozen so it can be passed through the machine that squirts blood-red gunk onto it. I'm not sure about this last part, I don't ever recall seeing or eating a cheesecake with red stuff on top. Strawberry sauce?
Whatever, something went wrong in the middle stage. The yellow stuff had sort of started to crystalise as it shrunk away from the sides of the mould; was it overcooked? Too dry? Not enough oil? I don't know, but what I do know is the entire lot was rejected.

Because of my rough maths and my general inability to add up lists of numbers quickly, I will say this is a guestimate with about a 20kg margin of error. That's not so much when you consider I bagged up, weighed, and dumped two hundred and eighty five kilograms. Okay, it might have failed quality control, but if it was edible (as a lot of things appear to be, the staff routinely tuck into a box of 'rejects' during break) then I'm sure homeless people across the land would appreciate dopey little half-made cheesecakes rather than seeing them become landfill. It's shocking how much stuff gets thrown out.

We also make "verrines". These are like little plastic 'shot' glasses with stuff in. Some of the stuff is yucky, like salmon, some sort of cheesy/herb gunk, and trout eggs (ugh, bright red slimy things); some of them are sweet. The tiramisu one smells lovely. I saw them in a shop the other day. I know they were ours as I recognise the packaging from ones I have seen in the store room. Given they were brand new, I can probably put my hand up and say "I helped make that"! There were six verrines in a generously-sized box, with a price of about six euros. That's a euro per verrine. Should I mention again how many get slung out for miniscule faults?

Apparently the staff can buy finished products at a 50% reduction. Gee, that's generous!


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