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Advent Calendar day 18 (and a trip to Big Town)

Went into Big Town shopping today. First time in, what was it, five or so months? The local supermarket, always the same stuff, was kind of boring.

The journey wasn't terribly pleasant. Too many aggressive nutters on the road.

The Leclerc supermarket has a new covered car park and a "relooking" as the Frenchies say. I wonder how many times I'll have to go before I can find stuff again? It's always annoying when you go to a supermarket and things have moved. Well, about half of it has moved, and maybe a quarter has signs saying "temporary implantation" which means that stuff will move again sometime in the future. Still, one can now buy stuff from the "cultural space" (books, DVDs, and such) at the same time as doing regular shopping. And they've fixed the scan-it-yourself thingy to not take a couple of seconds to notice you've scanned something, and another five to ten seconds to fetch the price. A little girl was quite impressed when I stacked up my ready meals and beep-bee-bee-bip did them all together rapid fire.
Yeah, that's me, impressive to eight year olds... <sigh>

Still, I have some stuff to eat that isn't same old same old. And, yes, a pile of Celebrations. ☺



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